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Bye Trollian the front is no lonmger mine...

"Don't do that, or, I'll draw Kermit with teeth again" -Zach 2019

I can feel my grip on the front.... Slippign

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@Absconders Everytime someone is banging either their keyboard or mouse i'm feeling bad for it.
Gotta respect the hardware damnit.

You ever see someone absolutely torturing a computer and just physically flinch in response

Please I lobe my little baby style do u want... Am drawning

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Anyway Hex really came full ciircle on hii2 Hal kiinniie and re2ponded when II called hiim "Halexander" only to glare at me for 2 miinute2 whiile mopiing around.

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Hex: don't. Call me that.
Derriick 3 2econd2 later: hey halex ca-
Hex fumiing: Diirkathan.

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Me 2houtiing iinto rhe empty Co2tco that ii2 head2pace: can II Unfront can II PLEA2E unfront

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