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Parent talk Psa 

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im gonma shower then bother (Redacted for interdimensional crimes)

no one:
my gauge: ight im out this bitch. *falls out and bouces 3 feet away*

my coworker oiled me. he just... spilled oil on me... 30 minuted before i left and now im home and IM STILL OILED

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any yall want som... pizza hut I'll "pay"

pro tip: fuck pizza hut. hate these bastards.

fuck this im gonna sell my soul to dominos instead

*Is wounded by statements made about with with my afflictions even tho the person doesn't know i have it* oof

I just want him to feel it. The scathe. Yeah, I'm talking about BH, no you can't interact.

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me gathering up all the trollian babies in my yoai arms: im your sibling now

BH kirran dni 

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someone; my moirail-
me; god i wish that were me

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honestly the strider kin experience is looking at other striders and being like “youre my sibling now”

i think i have like 1 non strider sibling.

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