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Parent talk Psa 

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*kicks feet up* haha this isnt my account

reminder!!! drink water if youve been crying for a substantial time! stay hydrated

sometimes..... systems.... are is... bad

boys... you will not belive what ive been doing for the last hour

scotchsystem review: -1/10 dont care for this bitch of a system would not return, got stabbed here,

If you eat 6oz of Dragon noodles then 2 kiwis you. Tongue starts to tingle and burn with the rage of an angry god

Ive only cried over 2 rps and I'm still in one and that's coping

I haven't slept more that 2 hours in the past week

ah my writng is making my hurt.... i will reciver seritonin and leav... gift for,,, bromther

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