Mention of pregnancy 

Doing pretty good. Had a huge argument with my bf last night cuz i was a huge bitch all day long, we talked it out and I might have pointed out why I felt so weird these days. Plus there was this thing with whether or not he was pregnant and we were stressed out, but it turns out he isn't and I feel so much better knowing that

ugh yeah I'm really trying but I don't know about this one

what about writing down what you wish you could do ? Think of something you could do that gives you the same kind of satisfaction

risk of rain 2 doesn't look like a bad idea...

I don't wanna have another breakdown on Scholar of the First Sin and yet the polished cover of the game... It beckons

I'll check it out tomorrow I think
I shouldn't start a new show RN lmao

in case you don't know Thomas Gauthier, he has a p good show named "tabou" he's from Quebec and he speaks in french and I'm in love with him

Oh yeah, does anyone here know Thomas Gauthier ?

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