"mediocre" is such an incredibly vain insult to lob at someone. Ooh la la your majesty. Sorry that I'm merely average. We can't all be like panphobicsasuke1488 can we.

they’re making a new type of silly putty you can fuck it’s called silly pussy

the only real personality test is to tell someone to draw steven universe and see how fat they make him

the triune of darkness: my balls, my dick, my pussy

heard that baby yoda dies and goes to hell in the new mandalorian episode

"don't follow me if you're an anti" like what if I'm an uncle

what if the covid relief bill is just a guy named Bill who relieves himself on you

I'm a gangsta. I'm a ganster. If there were a boob in front of me, you better believe I'd grab it Buster

stardew valley is fun because I'm like a millionaire with a mansion full of roman pillars but I still steal trash out of the dumpsters to sell at my local convenience store

if another man fucks your woman. you're cucked. But if you fuck a woman who's already been fucked by another man, you're still getting cucked. It may be an out-of-chronological-order cuckoldry, but cuckoldry nonetheless. it's sloppy seconds. But,
even if you fuck a girl who no one has ever fucked, you're still fucking a girl, which is something other men have already done before you. Sex has been done. All sex is cuckoldry

duckduckgo: Jeff Bezos resignation
duckduckgo: new CEO of amazon
duckduckgo: most powerful slurs 2021

what if punks a twatty fill dies of coronavirus

if you wanna see if a girl really loves you file a restraining order against her. Only the real ones will break into your house to be with you anyway. More tips like this in my new book "12 rules for life"

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