just saw someone on the internet say something that wasn't very nice. I think I have to lie down for a while...

Personality is a meme
"WOAH! Look at the size of her personality!"
-A sentence never spoken by anyone
Personality is just something we made up to make ugly people feel better about themselves

remember in 2015 when it was cool to proudly call yourself a sociopath. Did I dream that whole era of time

Some guy: If I had a wife I would have sex with her
Everyone else: BOOOOOOOOOO

all things are actually critiques of themselves

gay sex might be the least gay type of sex there is tbh

from now on I'm just gonna start jangling keys in front of youse guys instead of making posts

big thanks to the BHorse413 twitter account. It's not run by me but it archived a bunch of my old posts. Shout out to them


"when you come out your shit is gone"

-MC Ride

RIP all my old Trollian posts


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