Im listening to Its Everyday bro ironically an im laughin so hard these white bois are too fuckin funny

*cough* im a manly man i dont *cough* hug, that never happened.

Equius is a sweaty, sweaty man

and by god i'm gonna smooch that horse

why are men so hot and handsome but yet not kissing me

dont kid yourself you wear shades bc yall weenies think its cool

someone: Im not human
me internally: aight, so i'll put you down as 'not trustworthy'

America did a lot of shady shit in the name of stopping communism

Siren about to go off the shits into Operation Northwoods

Siren got possessed by an alien vlogger with an affinity for 80s polaroid aesthetics

anyone wanna be my summer romance where we inevitably go our seperate ways after a passionate 3 months

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