y'all really wanna test me im not in tha mood babes.

if minors are here i dont think this anime theme is very appropriate honestly

im here for the drama whats up and why is a gross anime the theme now


[colorhex=6800d3]if you ever need a quick cringe just listen to Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY"[/colorhex]

Sadder roma fact: Roma parents tend to have their biological children taken from them if theyre white passing due to the racist stereotype that we 'steal children'

There was a huge case about irish authorities not returning a child back to her romani parents because she was white-passing despite DNA tests proving they were the parents.

The slur 'gypsy' came from the fact people thought we had (falsely) come from Egypt.
Romani people actually come from the northern regions of India such as Punjab, we became diaspora around 2000 years ago and spread across the world.

We are probably one of the most phenotypically diverse ethnicity on Earth due to this

fun fact: I did the floss like 8 times at an LGBT nightclub

The headscarf you may see on roma women is called a Diklo and traditionally meant that a woman was married, however in recent years its used more as a part of fashion rather than a state of marital status

Imma just keep posting roma facts to combat this weird discourse

The wagon you may see associated with roma people is called a Vardo and originated with the Romanichal (UK Roma) and tends to be decorated and pulled by horses!

this is more like a parody of tumblr discourse but its real

wow and your hate-husband is right here, i see how it is, squiddo

The roma word for non-roma is Gadje and imma call yous Gadjesters bc honk honk man this off the shits

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