NSFW joke.................. I am not sure how to keep this going on local. Oh no. 

Hands on, eh?
I'm sure by the way everyone's been treating you, you must be an expert in that field.
Don't forget your knee pads while you're down there, alright fish boy?

Could've fooled me.
You're all screaming over each other, it's hardly romantic.
Unless trolls are attracted exclusively to sound, now?
I don't consider myself an expert on aliens.

The lone human scoffed out loud, and finally began typing.

Flirting? That's what you've all been doing? I've seen better from salamanders.

Finally getting up to a comfortably aesthetic looking boulder, Bro settled in for the night, finally putting his full focus on the chat he'd come across. He'd already been noticed by some members, so what the hell. He was a man of few words -- or tried to be, lived his whole life trying to stay focused -- but something recently has had him feeling more sociable, more outgoing. Like he was young again. Of course, the migraines and flashes of alternate lifetimes weren't helping. Damn game.

Looking back at the chat program, Bro surveys the user list. Clowns, big ones. They seem to be bullying a troll with fins, though, which he'd begun to pick up as being a higher ranking being. Odd. Well, no need to kinkshame a fish, the notification sounds were good ambiance for his aimless stroll.

In psuedo-physicality, Bro had found himself in some sort of desert, which he understood to be someone else's memory. Or, judging by the weird smell in the air, a very, very large beach. He looks around for a moment ... this may have been an ocean once. Not much to climb on, he notes, and resumes walking, hoping to find higher ground.

Notices a new message come on screen. Ah. Well, it was in english, so that's a bonus. However, the message seems to have been sent by a toddler, leaving the man at odds. He resumes giving attention to the main chat panel.

Bro is flipping through his phone. Weird how phones work in these 'bubbles', how everything works but also nothing. He's finally found a chat room not full of Old Alternian slur-slinging, however he doesn't seem sure if this is any better.


me: maybe I can try rp
me: looks at self
me: why existence


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