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religion, flat earth 

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Doc Scratch gets pant'sd. We all look, to laugh and point our fingers. Instead, we point in horror and twisted amusement. His suit had acted like a buttock binder, and now his double-moons were full for all to see, nearly overstuffed with galactic cotton. His ass-cleavage is hidden in shame, but it is too late. No one knows what to say.

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debating trying to get a girlfriend just because girls might be that ray of sunshine my life needs rn

seeking a girl who would just straight up murder me on sight

y'all: watching an anime together. realizing kintypes / kinshifting together. friendship


If I ever draw him it'd be when I figure out his fursona

it's very difficult

google how do I generate icons of my kintype that arent pissed off or in mood lighting

anyway im gonna go back to playing pokemon mystery universe before front breaks to fuk and ill come reread janes liveblogging later

ok im already hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so im gonna

gonna slurp a sedative so I can handle jane even liveblogging this normal ass video game smh

me: haha jane play ndrv3 its horrible itll be funny

jane: *actually starts playing it*

nmy trauma: *goes fisheye lens and bass boosts* niet

oh jesus my bodys physically reacting youre actually doing it ah fuck

oh to be a goth background character at a restaurant in invader zim

oh to be a douchey yet confident and radical skateboarder from the 90s/very early 2000s

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