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religion, flat earth 

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Doc Scratch gets pant'sd. We all look, to laugh and point our fingers. Instead, we point in horror and twisted amusement. His suit had acted like a buttock binder, and now his double-moons were full for all to see, nearly overstuffed with galactic cotton. His ass-cleavage is hidden in shame, but it is too late. No one knows what to say.

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Posting some screenshots I took from emulating yesterday for content. Turns out there's like, so many cheats for this game.

I've been a lazy fuck and my wig's been just hangin out gathering dust and frizz but god do I look good in it

I want my horns to be optional and detatchable, like boobies.

I need to figure out the best way to make/wear troll horns still because my vriska horns are still just peeling in a pile rn

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undergoing past life regression for the sole reason of being able to call more people 'zoomers'

I've slept all day but I watched Dana kinshift so I'm putting my icon like this so I don't forget I need to continue reading this comic. also hello I've been drawing. nothing else in my life, just drawing. still existing, somehow. sup

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For anyone curious, yes my parents are still very, very much into qanon.

They need. to get. outside.

I don't really leave the house.

The issue, then, is now no one else leaves the house now, and thus life stagnates.

The state of the planet literally cherry-tops any possible thing that is ever wrong ever.

It's homestuck day, while we're on lockdown to our homes.

It's physically and emotionally impossible to not be, at least somewhat, losing it.

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This is the home-stuckiest Homestuck day we have had or will ever have, gog bless.

Anyone know when/if ForFansByFans is going on sale?

I was finally getting the default-ass hat shirt today and it's still full price.

Ignore that it's not even sunrise yet.

Maybe one day I'll draw human John. Maybe. Assigned fursona until then

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