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a callout post for people with crushes on me Show more

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Pros to dating me: I love very strongly.

Cons to dating me: I love very strongly.

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Doc Scratch gets pant'sd. We all look, to laugh and point our fingers. Instead, we point in horror and twisted amusement. His suit had acted like a buttock binder, and now his double-moons were full for all to see, nearly overstuffed with galactic cotton. His ass-cleavage is hidden in shame, but it is too late. No one knows what to say.

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*hears the L word*
*hisses like a rat that got exposed to light, skitters back into my dark hole*

smoking weed is for losers Show more

my host was a digimon kinnie what you want sasuke

God. I wish I could fall in love with a girl.

that art of pinkie pie dirk is my phone bg actually

apparently my image didn't load but you know what its a pitched down version of ponpon

I love fluttershy but I dont think shes even using those words right

The person who owned Nautical is going to give them to me, theres still weirdness but like. idk I do for sure own them at least

cant believe jane is reading a OJST knockoff

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