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religion, flat earth 

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Doc Scratch gets pant'sd. We all look, to laugh and point our fingers. Instead, we point in horror and twisted amusement. His suit had acted like a buttock binder, and now his double-moons were full for all to see, nearly overstuffed with galactic cotton. His ass-cleavage is hidden in shame, but it is too late. No one knows what to say.

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Artists practicing anatomy will also get really riled up over some houghs.

sup. I havent been active but I poke my head in now an then

syscourse / abuse implied 

I barely got around a cup of coffee, gotta wake up early for the coffee.

Upd8 was good. Very short. Donate to the patreon they need them pennies

I've napped like twice today but homestuck^2 updated so I'm debating a third

I think and hope I am done. good morning

can't tell if I'm done having paranoid breakdowns or just lonely atm

i dont give a shit about much religious stuff, it's just a subject i find interesting, but I want to have one of those gold glowing aura things around my head like you see in Catholic paintings sometimes, that shit looks dope.

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