if i bite you you'll contract gamer disease.

"madland" just doesn't have the same ring to it :thinkhappy:

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going apeshit because i found the one (1) episode in this spidey animated series where my kin is featured and in one hand: hell yeah icon material for me!!!
but on the other: they fucking changed the name of murderworld to be kid friendly like HAHAHA WHAT THE FUCK.

ty..... i will probably pass out before this gets resolved so just a heads up :coolhhHHAAAHHH:

it for some reason has two factor authentication required, but it doesn't send anything to my email :frustrated:

help. i'm locked out of my main account :ranpokes_blushsob:

im soooo hungry. why did i have food so early :frustrated:

spiderman (2017) spoilers??? just a dumb thing. 

and i noticed a gross inconsistency which is making me bonkers.
miles morales as ultimate spidey is *also* there which is fine because i love him.
but venom makes an appearance and peter spidey is like. "venom doesn't register as a threat in our spidersense" which makes zero sense for miles... if he had bonded with the symbiote it would be okay but he did not. that's literally the only reason why spidey doesn't sense a threat :ranpokes_deadpan:

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i've been watching as many animated marvel series i can find. currently watching spiderman (2017) and i'm not a fan of the weird order of events.

me about my husband now that I'm on antipsychotics :caliborn_dying:

also shoutout to this specific panel. good job, very epic, huge mood. thanks.

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kinnies will be like. how can writers not see my full potential.

going apeshit. on my yearly marvel hyperfix.

why do i keep having dreams where in a form or another, dirk is there..... :ranpokes_peek:

earlier in the day i dreamed i was head of some institute. and then i was going after bro strider for gay crimes while at the same time i was trying not to get caught by him..... idk weird shit.

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