vent. weight. 

whyyyyyy am i the only one worried about getting progressively skinnier. and UNABLE to regain weight. WHY! I AM GOING INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!!!!

im always like ): why dont i stream more often and after shit like this. i remember and! i am! full of hate.

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me??? getting upset because internet cuts a hundred times while streaming?? it's more likely than you think.

i genuinely think it's funny. how animes highlight important characters by giving them wild haircuts and hair colors.
and then jojo just takes that and runs it through a loudspeaker.

"i'm skipping diamond is unbreakable because it's bad." you just have no taste.

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if you really needed these assets... perhaps... you should've done it beforehand.

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actually it's insulting to even call them devs. they're fuckers.

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devs on roblox be like. hey i'm looking for 100 detailed, well made models of [thing] :)
it's for tomorrow btw :)
and i'm paying you 150 robux for the whole job :)

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