Cosmos lyric posting 

Did Dave fall asleep in the voicecall? maybe, he needs sleep anyways and heres my appreciation post. JHDJHDSHGDSHDSHJDHJDHSAZEEEEEEEEEEEE<3XH yes also have my new pfp i made

Im so proud of Jack Stauber my mans is gettin some TV adult swim clout now :,)

Footwear is hard to find when yoU do not have standard feet. UnU I Usually wear socks with sandals becaUse of this, to keep my feet properly covered.

my broken house behind me! and good things ahead! a girl named cathy wants a little of my time!

I tend to notice a link between cursedness, mascots, and the purple color.

this monkey is inspiring a very specific four letter emotion starting with an L

somebody deffo has a virus free version of it to download

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