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:33< I know it’s painfurlly appawrent purrobably for some of mew who weren’t here fur it but if mew didn’t notice I’m johnzach but I just had a really violent rebrand and I should purrobably pin this post to my account

I think I might migrate for skaia for the time being? Like, I didn’t wanna say this, bc I usually like to keep my mouth shut when it comes to these issues, but things have been getting like. Bad here, and I know I’m not saying anything new? But things keep happening more and more frequently to the point where this place isn’t enjoyable! I’ll see you guys around! Please take care of yourselves!

More instruments I wanna buy:
Keybboardf......... and a kiggy keyboard the one that goes meow... oh also a synth maybe

:33 < me several hours ago: "please don't spam the timeline"
:33 < trollian now: *spams the timeline*

:33 < oh, crud. stuff happened while i was looking away

I had a bad dream that they made the monster high dolls even worse by taking away the articulations completely and only giving them plastic mold hair

SH: :V Assigned cracker at birth.......ACAB????

Alright, time to go harass my parents bc I think I smell food and hear the sound of silverware and now I’m hungry and mildly upset

All I have right now is a huge guitar I can barely hold and two ukuleles.. I MIGHT buy another just to paint it.

Instruments I wanna get but I gotta find a way to obtain somehow bc I’m a broke bitch: Harp, a guitar I can actually hold and reach, electric drum set, and a mf xylophone.. MAYBE flute...

hi I’ve been half awake all night listening to taz...

*griffin mcelroy voice* ITS LIKE THE END OF AKIRA

I wanna buy more shelves and more books. And when I get a house, a real house, that we can own, I want to see if we can make me a crawl space/panic room in the back of my closet.. I like thinking about these things sometimes..

When I get Minecraft for my computer I’m really excited to make myself a John egbert skin and then drag all my friends into a homestuck Minecraft rp

lily story good. reasons: no matter which model you choose you get all the same items to put on them, the only difference is the "male" model has its tiddies out

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