Hey y’all, reminder:

No matter what you’re going through, bare minimum self care is better than no self care at all

Wash your clothes and sheets at the end of every week

Brush your teeth at least once a day

Take a five minute shower, most suggested in the morning to wake you up
If you’re unable to keep up with showering on a daily basis for whatever reason, at LEAST once every two days

Take care of your hygiene! Your body will thank you for it and it’ll give you the boost you might need!

What's a normal amount to wash your sheets because when I was at college and washing mine every other week my mom said it was excessive??

@Corax hmm.. i honestly don’t know! But I feel like they should be washed at the end of the week, or every other, especially when things such as grease/oil, sweat, dirt, drool, and dead skin cells are put into consideration!

Also for anyone struggling to shower, you can wipe yourself off with wet wipes or warm water & a washcloth and that's better than nothing at all!

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