example: I want to build a farm that automatically harvests itself but I don't have the room for a farm so I keep building off my tiny base

snow: why are you confining yourself to just your starting area, most YouTubers you watch treat that area as decorative and build halls and rooms dedicated to these things instead of clustering it

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trying to explain the logistics of what I'm trying to do in minecraft to snow & he continues to frustrate me by pointing out the glaring flaws in my thinking,,

(but also I am Thankful to him bc I'm not actually frustrated at him just laughing at myself bc I'm so short-sighted)

I love being part of random circles/fandoms on the internet

like not Minecraft but specifically modded Minecraft is so fun bc like

this new modpack is dropping and in those circles everyone is acting like it's elden ring 2 & then you step out of those circles and no one has any idea what you're talking abt

like I genuinely love that feeling, it's like having a secret that you're so happy abt that you can just Enjoy without the mass saturation that everything big is subjected to

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the mastodon app is awful it removes like

all the flavor from the instance and just makes it twitter

I love Minecraft so much,,, I'm waiting for a new modpack (stoneblock 3) to drop but it's either coming this week or it's a month away mew


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