DNA test results are in!
The doctors aren't sure what I am, and don't really want me to leave.

poetry, candle flame 

I feel like a candle flame
flickering in the breeze
do I have too much oxygen
or did I forget to breathe?

I feel like a candle flame
holding my wick by gentle hand
burning brightly, ever slightly,
melting the wax on which I stand

I feel like a candle flame
lighting the way for all around
but as the candle weeps and weeps
I worry I'll burn it to the ground

I feel like a candle flame
a fire dancing with immortal zest
but should I look around myself
the wick, the wax, my hourglass,
I lay myself down now to rest.

I wonder how many roles are in Town of Salem these days...

Oats!! gotta add name/age/pronoun stuff to your bio, ok?

What would among us 2 even be? Just... the same game mechanics with different graphics?

Roaaaad tripppppp *moves to the countryside where no one can touch me*

I'm overstim from not blinking enough but understim bc I want attention :(

Might try tomorrow, might cry tomorrow, who knows!

Jack's being cute again!!! just makes me want to stab him ♥

I still like the secondary benders the most... I barely backread but blood/electricity/plants/whatever was rad.

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Kids are wild.

Monster in the closet this, past life as a 1800s peasant that,
next you know it they'll claim they knew who their father was. Jeez!

Fucked Up If True: My son learned to talk but keeps barking? He asked me where his real family was?? He keeps asking to go back to the forest???

I love the kids who remember their past lives vividly....

They got to tell mommy their factkintypes :)

"You can't control your kintypes!" cries all of the well-adjusted, spiritual kin of the world.

Behind them, a shadow among the crowd, Jack Septiceye #8532 laughs.

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