Update to the rules about NSFW posting. In Full Here:

If you are making sexual jokes, they must be CW'd.
Users under the age of 18 may not post nude or suggestive images of themselves or other minors, or post or boost pornographic images of any kind.
Suggestive art of minors also falls under this rule. Depending on the severity, it may be cause for a warning and temporary suspension, or a permanent ban.
In addition, users under 18 may not make posts of an extreme sexual nature (i.e. making extremely sexual jokes or soliciting sex from other users), even under a content warning on or off the public timeline. Users over 18 may make posts of an extreme sexual nature, however it must be followers only and CW'd. Minors are free to discuss sexual education and topics relating to LGBT identities (ex: transition) and make mildly sexual jokes with proper content warnings. However, discussion of the sex life or kinks of any minor, including the original poster, are prohibited.
Violation response: Posting or boosting this content will be two warnings, followed by a ban.


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