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Okay but like seriously. The intermission is like 300 or so pages out of a 9000 page webcomic. If you can read everything else and not that I'm sorry but like I'm taking ur kneecaps.

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Please, if you're NSFW centered, don't interact. I'm a minor and I'd rather not see that shit.

I wish I knew how to like, control anger. I'm about to go ham on someone.

I wouldn't put it past him that he'd try and come to my house...



I'm,,,kind of scared for my safety right now and I don't know what to do.

My friend just told me about a pretty spooky ARG via a phone number :)

*to the tune of if you're happy and you know it* I'm allergic to cats but I have three! I don't care how many times they make me sneeze! My face swells up sometimes and then I start to cry but I don't care cause they make me so happy!

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If I blew one of you a kiss you all would want one.

Regular Pickle Inspector is a fucking wimp and has a flat ass.

U ever just have the strong urge to eat someone's eyes?

My hamster just sniffed my cheek and licked it.

Okay so I admit it, i have the hots for Pernicious Innovator.

It never fails to amuse me how people think just because I RP Ms. Paint, I act like her. Like, no. I'm not a sweetheart I just play one from time to time.

Also as some of you I communicate with on here are friends, I'm not on here too often and would like to talk more so I'll drop contact info.
Discord: Widget#7765
Instagram: @keylimebat

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