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Okay but like seriously. The intermission is like 300 or so pages out of a 9000 page webcomic. If you can read everything else and not that I'm sorry but like I'm taking ur kneecaps.

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Please, if you're NSFW centered, don't interact. I'm a minor and I'd rather not see that shit.

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I would love to understand my mom's reasoning for her actions that inevitably hurt me more than she can imagine.

I need to charge my chromebook can they stop unplugging it?

Which, as mentioned earlier, this is a class that I am not failing.

I should be making up work for classes I'm failing.

Need I mention that I give no shits about this class?

"You owe me this" yeah but that doesn't mean I'll do it. Fuck you.

Guess who's not allowed to go lunch today because a teacher is holding me in a class that BTW I am already passing.

I'm prepared to just fail this year, no fucks given.

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