Okay I have made the account now, ya'll can go ahead and follow that one. Figured I'd go ahead and myself the official Ms. Paint on here.

Hey ya'll gonna migrate this account to a different one, will that bring my posts over to it? I don't like this username anymore.

Me: I'm gonna get all my homework caught up when I get home!

Me, exactly 2.5 seconds after getting home: Nah.

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just caught a bird in my hand for a few moments at the bus stop lads

I have four folders on my computer: Vaporwave, Memes, Portal Quotes, & Powerpoints from Mr. Davis that automatically download to my damn computer.

I estimate that this week alone I have consumed three gallons of water.

We just have a LITTLE bit more left. Just an HOUR and FIFTEEN minutes left of the school day then it is the WEEKEND BABY

Came very close to hitting someone today because we're building a shed and this bitch kept sassing me.

I was on a call in the main server last night, someone asked for a new room. Thats not how line servers work so I said no. They said "just ask mod john they'll give it to us" and I got mad and they go "I'm just trying to help"

It's a side server to a server that I'm trying to make big and like, that one is more broad than this one. This one ISN'T supposed to be broad. It's a LINE server. They don't like that!

They didn't even fucking listen to the premise of the server, the people are rude as hell and I'm so very close to snapping at a certain midnight crew role player.

Would it be wrong of me to delete a discord server if no one in there has any respect for me because I'm not online 24/7 and they can't follow the rules?

The principal heard a kid cuss today, it wasn't me but he assumed it was me. I got chewed out today.

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This teacher is like 60 and he has a manbun.

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