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quick update on the spinny text situation.

spinnin' a single emoji by itself should be fine. as soon as you're spinnin' more than one character, it should get a cw.

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so, it's like five weeks late, but here's the funny bits from june and july.

some say clove has that post stuck to the top of fir home timeline to this very day. you could almost say it's...




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i order dominos to go to pizza hut and then i order pizza hut to go to little caesars and then i have pizza hut and little caesars fuck dominos /j

new game idea.

you're given the names of three restaurants, and you gotta decide which one you'll order from, which one you'll eat it at, and which one can go fuck itself.

does dominoes let you dine in. i've never tried.

order dominoes and have 'em deliver to pizza hut so you can eat it there.

jane's bot is too good. it's too relateable and needs to be nerfed.

i'll just grab her on discord, and...

oh right.

bored. i guess i'll check discord and see what's happening. 

⭐ :3< mısınterpret what free speech means ı wıll ⭐

baby yoda 2ay2 a 2lur and everyone 2cramble2 two delete theiir funny tweet2

what if baby yoda turns out to be racist and everyone who posted baby yoda gifs gets cancelled.

⭐ :3< (After commıtıng arson) ıf þe polıce doesn't show up ın 15 mınutes we're legally allowed to leave ⭐

one day, i'll forget to harvest my crops for weeks on end, then get in a fight with endermen on my way home from fuck knows where, and i'll scan the contents of the ''outdoor stuff'' chest only to find no food. because i threw out the rotten meat.

boy, won't i feel stupid then.

i always save zombie flesh.

you know, just in case.

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