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One time I went to a party at someone's apartment, then a couple days later the host found that someone had left a sword art online hoodie behind. Texted me to ask if it was mine.

To this day, it is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me. She was completely serious.

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if we're having an argument, and i can provide a screenshot where you said ''hey jack click this'' and then the word ''bitch'' behind a spoiler, i automatically win that argument.

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EA actually named themselves after famous Sumerian scammed "Ea-nasir"

are images borked. i was gonna post my contractually obligated spogebob meme.

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I wonder what size a dog has to get before it just stops giving a fuck. Just realizes it can do whatever it wants and nobody is gonna stop it.

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Every day people find ways to turn every meme into Allegory of the Cave and I’m not sure I’ll ever quite understand why

how did i just get followed by an account that hasn't posted since more than a year ago.

what is happening.

is the seal broken. are the old accounts returning to this realm.

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man, halloween is cool and all, but fall back day has to be my favorite holiday.

the age gap is certainly a big deal, but i wanna point out that -even if we ignored that-, what this guy said isn't ok to just...say to someone.


on facebook.

if you find yerself on youtube about to look up something terrible, just search ''cats'' first and i guarantee you'll find content good enough to distract you from...whatever it was.

i've never looked up something bad and been like ''i'm glad i researched this''.

i always marvel at the foresight of whomever named the something awful forums. idk maybe it was a self fulfilling prophecy.

i had no idea the rules of the internet was a living document.

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