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so, it's like five weeks late, but here's the funny bits from june and july.

some say clove has that post stuck to the top of fir home timeline to this very day. you could almost say it's...




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may in review.

may was eventful. some people got kicked out, some people left, some people became mods, and everyone posted a bunch of dumb words on the stupid internet for idiots to read.

as one of those idiots, i'd like to present some of my favorite dumb words.

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y'all. i just bore witness to the coolest overwatch potg.

:33 < god i hate reading other people's interpretations of things

TMW you watches some random demos for Doom and.. Hey, it's my home, it's Derse.

CW: Monsters and skeletons.

wait i have an idea.

i'm gonna make an oc. and their thing is they have the power to stop kinning.

you know what to do.

aren't you tired of bein' nice. don't you just wanna go apiset.

gore, violence, knife infodumping 

Indonesian kris with carved ivory hilt, mounted with diamonds and rubies, 19th century

i hope nepnep wakes up soon i miss her a lot ;w; πŸ’‘

it's when you boil a leek and it turns into a gas.

oh. wait i think i know what's goin' on.

there's a gas leak in here. i learned about that from plankton.

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