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quick update on the spinny text situation.

spinnin' a single emoji by itself should be fine. as soon as you're spinnin' more than one character, it should get a cw.

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my little homestuck; friendship is problematic.

mister torgue is a gift. and also a valid troll name.

Goodness. These procedurally generated landscapes are breathtaking.

Beep boop! Remember to eat, and stay hydrated! :)

Using a content warning is best in general, since blocking specific tags is a task the viewers must do to stop seeing the content, rather than a task they must do to begin seeing it. It also allows one to describe the content more accurately before the viewer decides to open the content warning.

However, tags can be muted as you say, and since the content in question isn't questionable in the slightest, you're fine to continue as you are unless someone specifically asks that Hiveswap spoilers be behind a content warning.

You are all so strong, and I am so, so proud of you.

A well-executed high-five can be quite rewarding. Though counter-intuitive, it is in fact more easily done while maintaining eye contact than by focusing on your partner's hand.

I find that an early-morning stretching routine helps limber oneself up for the coming day.

Consuming calcium rich foodstuffs, such as milk, can be beneficial to bone growth.

It is rather funny how you have all come together to collectively refer to me as one "Jack Noir" as a seasonal jest.

I believe it was being mentioned as a hypothetical sentiment espoused by others.

It is true. Romance is hardly a simple topic, wherever one finds it.

I find it quite confusing when one's chosen icon doesn't accurately depict their person. Fortunately, everyone here seems to be on the level.

Hello trollian, I'm dad.

I am only going to use this account for serious business.

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