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if we're having an argument, and i can provide a screenshot where you said ''hey jack click this'' and then the word ''bitch'' behind a spoiler, i automatically win that argument.

i can't believe childe's name is really tortilla.

Wait. The moon is responsible for the human race.

No longer a fan.

You just need two spaceships with ladders on the sides. Climb one, then have the other fly up to where you can grab it, and climb onto that one. Repeat until you're at the moon.

In genshin impact you can't pet the dogs. They bark at you and demand yer attention but the devs decided to render us unable to grant it them.

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in a discord server i'm in i linked a homestuck joke so now i have the role "homestunk" and i can only see one channel called "stunked at home" which has a six hour slowmode

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I think the biggest thing you miss by getting in late, is watching people sneak references to it into everything because it was obscure enough that not many people had Homestuck antibodies yet.

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against my better judgement i'm having a second cup of hot chocolate

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share this post If you're still using mastodon in the year 2043 :peterpog: :retoot_ok:

you gotta plan ahead for these things.

for instance, now is an excellent time to preorder a ps6.

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the rest of the story didn’t load for a bit and i was like ‘wow! i respect how succinct this is’

Fuck, mmbn is another one of those games where I said ''this game is fantastic, everyone should play it'' and then I proceeded to not finish it.

when are they gonna add new colors to the visible spectrum. I'm starting to think that kickstarter was a scam.

I've never even played a zelda, legendary or otherwise.

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''fuck off ganon, can't you see I'm in the midna something''.

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