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may in review.

may was eventful. some people got kicked out, some people left, some people became mods, and everyone posted a bunch of dumb words on the stupid internet for idiots to read.

as one of those idiots, i'd like to present some of my favorite dumb words.

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they didn't make an account here iirc, they just made a bunch of accounts on other instances and said shitty things to random people.

I felled a tree. That was satisfying.

— Adil Olindèg, Woodcutter

it's 3am. do you know where your jazz ensemble is.

talkin' with a dave is always a little minigame. is there an odd or even number of irony layers, find out after the break.

thor accidentally damaged his ram when he was changin' it.

✡彑 it's imp(O)rtant t(O) have g(O)(O)d self-esteem while y(O)u're stabbing pe(O)ple! ✡彑

you shouldn't consume bath bombs.

but if you must, it's really difficult to get the consistency just right. you want it to absorb the water, but if you leave it in even a second too long it stops bein' crunchy.

:3< Græy
:3< Why choose gray or grey
:3< When you can do græy

me drinking water; Feferi Peixes would want me to do this

these pics of creepers lookin' through a hole in the wall always bother me. either the hole is there or the creeper is, not both.

you ever just like
shove a handfull of m&ms in your mouth and let it melt

candy sludge

what motivates trollian?

thats right, the boneless m&ms

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