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if we're having an argument, and i can provide a screenshot where you said ''hey jack click this'' and then the word ''bitch'' behind a spoiler, i automatically win that argument.

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Another genderless insult you can use when you find out yet another celebrity you like is a huge problem 


it's kind of like how people somehow lose at rock, paper, scissors. like 90 percent of the rules of rock, paper, scissors is describing what thing beats what other thing. they could not have spelled out how to win any easier.

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among us is so stupid. haha why doesn't everyone just vote for the imposter. you'd win every time lmao.

i want it to look like a fucking twitch chat in there. i want everybody going the fuck off and discussing every little detail intensely. i can't do that by pressing tiny buttons on a keyboard that's smaller than my palm.

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wish i could get a keyboard to connect to my phone so i can properly accuse people of shit in among us.

fuck, everyone's playing a different game i wanna play. i'm gonna have to pick.

so many social engagements, so little time...

i don't actually know any, like, legit glitches or what have you.

if action movies are anything to go by, yes.

hahaha. i legit forgot how to progress in hollow knight -at all-. lured a flying bug over near a gap i couldn't jump so i could pogo off it, but i'm pretty sure there's a better way.

Anyway, I'm gonna hit the hay. Later nerds.

''cancel culture has gone too far''.

---crewmate ejected after being accused of venting.

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The people hit hardest by quarantine are probably the guys whose job it is to tell ''rooooaaaad triiiiip'' before every road trip.

Like what are they even meant to do with their lives now.

The gall of some websites, expecting me to know my login information.

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