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quick update on the spinny text situation.

spinnin' a single emoji by itself should be fine. as soon as you're spinnin' more than one character, it should get a cw.

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-resets the ''days since jake said somethin' strange'' sign back to 0-.

I Have Learned To Chill Inside Of My House When It Gets Dark

-visits mojang forums- ''hey does anyone in this thread play minecraft''.'s true. whichever button i pick ends up bein' ''pet kitten'' instead.

shit that'd be awful. you go to punch somethin' and accidentally interact peacefully instead.

Imagine That But Also Sometimes You Forget Which Is Your Left And Which Is Your Right

imagine a game where you have two buttons, one that violently punches things in front of you and one that carefully touches/interacts with things without harmin' them.

oh lol that's a golem. i think it's meant to be vines but now i can't unsee veins.

god. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

why do they call it hurdy gurdy when you heard any cool music gurdy have listen the music.

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