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One time I went to a party at someone's apartment, then a couple days later the host found that someone had left a sword art online hoodie behind. Texted me to ask if it was mine.

To this day, it is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me. She was completely serious.

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if we're having an argument, and i can provide a screenshot where you said ''hey jack click this'' and then the word ''bitch'' behind a spoiler, i automatically win that argument.

if i was to face a challenge i would simply overcome it.

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do you think mechs dream of huge robot sheep piloted by normal sized sheep

boots ok. 

i'm not crazy about boots but they get the job done. 6/10.

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no it'll be fine. you can even put electric eels inside and save on power consumption.

maybe the events of the game all take place in another language that doesn't exist, and so the original idiom with an equivalent meaning makes sense in the setting.

or maybe there are magical devices that use radio waves to detect incoming dragons. and the dragons then learnt to fly lower to evade it.

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so, here's a fun thing i just saw in this fantasy game i'm playing.

a wizard just used the idiom ''under the radar''.

it's so anachronistic. i love it.

Lol imagine the reports that cop would have to write.

''you've been deep undercover for months, how is it that the only intel you've gathered is about speedrunning hollow knight.''

''sir, if you'll turn to the section that says 'memes' you'll see some pretty damning stuff.''

a bird shat on the little leaf decals i put on my window to stop birds flying into it.

it's like they're saying ''we could have marked this hazard if we wanted to asshole''.

a friend of mine recently got lava'ed to death when he placed a torch near some gravel, which fell, releasing lava from the ceiling.

he was at y = 60.

fuckin minecraft.

the hardest part of speaking french is probably having to use the word ''le'' unironically.

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he's just a harmless dude with big aspirations and family troubles.

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ah, well there's yer first mistake.

stepping away from the computer.

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