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quick update on the spinny text situation.

spinnin' a single emoji by itself should be fine. as soon as you're spinnin' more than one character, it should get a cw.

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so, it's like five weeks late, but here's the funny bits from june and july.

some say clove has that post stuck to the top of fir home timeline to this very day. you could almost say it's...




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''so, you know how knights are always solid the whole way through, right.''
---someone pitchin' the game idea for hollow knight.

it's barely 10am and i've already seen more good posts on here than i'd see on tumblr in a whole week.

Bro... you're working but you're not unionized and have no desire or plans to unionize? That's kinda cringe bro ://

oh yeah that's right. you can also wear disguises and nobody thinks its weird.

halloween is literally the best. you can just walk around with bloodstained clothes and not get caught.

imagine having small, uncolored, font-less text limited to 500 characters
post made 8y very large meat trollian gang

check your vibes at the door. make sure you take a number so you can pick them up again on your way out.

-punches you in the face and drops a number ticket on your unconscious body-.

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