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By jove! I had quite recently just kinclaimed, buffoon! Are you a bloody kinnicker? You shall never truly be able to associate along with Jake English forsooth until you get the swain himself to wallop his arm so far yonder down your scrag that he's able to give a good tickle on behalf of his own toe because you had appetency to assay a duel with him like quite the scoundrel. So howbeit, continue your extending, fraud.

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If anyone else wants to donate teeth pics to my teeth folder hmu

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Incest ment. Homestuck. 

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If I ever propose to anyone I'm going to do the slavic squat instead of going down on one knee.

I have decided that nobody is allowed to like me. Any rights you have to like me are revoked. You are not to feel any emotion but indifference towards me. I Am Simply Here.

Going to start responding to all hate and aggression directed at me like an anime villain.

feeling for my fellow gays and liberals who have to suffer being stuck with a racist alt-right family ESP during all the protests and BLM movements that ur fam will probably be complaining about and you NEED TO FIGHT THE URGE TO THROTTLE THEM FOR SAYIN DUMB SHIT ABOUT IT

god i know that feel it's like ESPECIALLY terrible bc we're in lockdown and some of us are stuck under the same got damn roof as our racist alt-right bootlicking family and we kind of have to just shut up bc we're trying to survive living with them enough as it IS

listen LISTEN just take ALL the shit that reminds you/is from the person you hate and like just 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 burn that mf 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

also is it safe to burn letters in a bath tub or will my house burn down

wow none of us are having a good time right now huh

sometimes you just need to add three different ramen flavour packs and then cook the ramen in red bull and then sprinkle it with stale cheetos at 9 am

-under breath- Isabelle would never treat me this way

Me when a human person asks me how I am: I Am Looking Away

Me when I am sitting outside and a bug lands next to me: -bursts into tears and vents to the bug-

Repeating words 

The necessity of the police is their faces as target practice.

"Violence doesn't solve anything" fuck you yes it does now go burn that cop car

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good morning everyone and remember: fuck the police

Simulator where a white cishet man complains about how all cops aren't bad and are doing their best and I just go chimp mode and beat him with a cop car.

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