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Im Kind Of Sad About It But I Guess Its For The Best

Love How She Didnt Even Try To Apologize When I Told Her It Was Hurting Me

Fuck You I Guess

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Its A Shame Because I Otherwise Like That Person But Just Seeing Her Post That Makes Me Feel Like Shit Every Single Time And It Doesnt Seem Like She Cares About It So

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Do I Really Need To Explain Why Seeing That Makes Me Feel Like Shit

♪ʘ♪ F4CT: Y9U C4N P1R4T3 MU51C 8Y UT1L121NG Y9UR L9C4L L18R4RY! 51MPLY CH3CK 9UT 4 CD 4ND R1P 1T

I Have No Idea What Youre Talking About Jadebot

Im Saying That Because I Started Playing The Bass

It Would Appear That My Fingers Dont Really Hurt Anymore


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