I tell my wife that i think our chest has been replaced my a mimic. My wife laughs, i laugh, the chest laughs, i roll for initiative

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when i die i hope that goths pose on my grave

you are not who you once were and that's okay!

for whatever you may have done in the past, i forgive you

enjoying the squid sisters concert from a distance

i walk these country roads
the only country roads that take me home

Friend: my friend's bf broke up with her cause she and i were too affectionate
Me: show him whos boss and date your friend

If you ask me for advice i WILL tell you to do the most devious thing possible and/or exact justice on those who have wronged you

Anyway the evidence currently points towards me being ace

Wow? Me? Questioning my sexuality? In this part of the country? At this time of year? Localized entirely within my kitchen?

why dont you go be a hecking good boy somewhere else!!!!

4chan nazis saw that they had even an inch of power and they took a mile

remember when 4chan pranks involved messing with fandoms and drawing weird art and not electing a fascist into office and murdering several hundred people

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hey nintendo
how many game & watches does it take to run doom

There is no war in Ba Sing Se
The moon landing was faked
There has never been a major mario game to have a G i n the title

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