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My switch friend code is SW-5973-5609-0975

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▲ DAILY reminder that clove has my minecraft account email and password but still uses piracy ▼

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clove b like "welcome to my minecraft lets play"

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imagine inkopolis
youre an inkling participating in the splatfest. "color pulse" by off the hook plays throughout inkopolis square while everyone dances. its not your first splatfest but it is your gf's. shes a bit nervous so you kiss her on the cheek and tell her shes gonna do fine. the full moon shines down upon you. everything is okay.

>remember that today was splatfest
>remember that i theorized that splatfests take place on the full moon
>go to take trash out
>look up
god dammit. god FUCKING dammit. they did it again. i fucking hate NoA. theyre to something i know it

anyone else notice how inklings and octos have bedazzled faces during the splatfest? i think thats pretty cute

agent 8: tartar! i wont let you go through with your plan to turn inkopolis into fortnite!
tartar: oh you silly feeble minded little gay, i AM SO FAR BEYOND FORTNITE

anyway pearl should have been team teleportation
its ender pearl not ender marina

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someone: im lactose intolerant
anti-sjw: so much for the tolerant left

i KNOW that eating a lot of carbs like a plate of fries or a bowl of pasta will make my stomach hurt
and yet i still eat it
i understand lactose intolerant people on a spiritual level

ah yes the 1st ammendment, the freedom of weed, the freedom of vape, and the freedom of fortnite

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