Is it irresponsible? Absolutely

But do i need to rest? Yes

I have plenty of time tommorow to do that

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I deliberately chose to not finish my hws tonight :-) heehee

among us is so stupid. haha why doesn't everyone just vote for the imposter. you'd win every time lmao.

i was playing among us and called out a friend who was clearly an impostor and she got mad at me for saying a fuck word

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my mum got mad at me because i said a swear word fwfehfiurhodjgksdfgd

im playing among us with friends and i got first round imposter and i had it two other times in a row in the first game im riddled with anxiety

I cant sit straight for many reasons

- im gay
- im an artist
- im ADHD

A security guard (we have those patrolling for masks ‘round the college) told me to get my feet off the chairs im being oppressed against /joke

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food cw 

My sister said we’d go get subways when she’ll pick me up from school im gonna yell i want a sub i want a sub i want a sub

hello jane :) and good morning to everyone else here hope yall have been doing well

thank gnome its friday *insert gif of gnome dabbing here im too lazy to find it*


Nvm they didnt have the one i wanted grmf

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Hmmm i think ill get myself one of those pasta lunches at the cafeteria again...

Someday me and my (currently nonexistant) gf/partner will escape from society and dig holes in the forest while we live in a cave

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