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Flaws I noticed, at least on Firefox:
-Pac-Man's sprite doesn't appear
- Some musics doesn't play at some occasions

Nonetheless, it's still very good and has all the DLCs for you homestucks out there

My laptop is shit but due to the nature of my future job in programing, coding, web designing or possibly vibeo game making i’ll have to get me a more powerful home computer, and yalls bet i’ll have so much shit stuffed in em

Oh the service we use is a server on Plex, so no actual hardware data is used at least for us. The allowed datahoarders/pirates are the ones who upload to the cloud and allows us to watch. Maybe someday i’ll be a data hoarder cause thats my type of thing tbh. But thays not for now

Honestly if i had good money for a vpn and had a better computer i’d probs get down to torrenting games ‘n’ all

You gotta understand, the absolute state of the streaming industry. It fucking sucks having to spend so much money on different streaming platforms because corpos be greedy

My dad used to use a very closed community website to get his torrents but shit got shut down so that sucks

Tho we’re in another very closed community but only for streaming/datahoarding movies and tv shows. We pirating in this house

If you pirate indie games who thw fuck are you tbh

I remember my dad forbid me to get torrents as a kid. I grew up in a pirate house, and i rly wanted to get rollercoaster tycoon 3 platinum edition

I got a fuckbunch of viruses on my laptop by downloading it on non-torrent shady websites

PLEASE give me that download link i know its illegal but fuck man i have no other choice ​:ms_cat_crying:

Stopped watching some time after that one thing with gem fusions and jasper becoming a wild monster thing, but yeah from what i heard

Pink diamond bad

It’s on yt for money but it wont get released! Ugh!!! Fuck yt

Been away for days and days and everyones SU now
Wish i was yalls who saw the movie 😔

@vriskaleijon communism is a political ideology that has never like truly been established anywhere bc every ""communist country"" has a dictator which is hypocritical thats just fascism. anyway. communism is an ideology close to socialism that believes people should do the amount of work the can and be given what they need. (give what you can get what you need) if you are unable to work for long times you'll still get what you need. people who can work more will pick up what u couldn't

(^•ω•^) < i didnt know karl marx was like DEAD dead and i didnt know.. a PERSON... could invent communism......... what the fuck....................

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