This sounds like snark but I'm serious:

* Leave mastodon dot social, it's a de facto un-moderated instance due to its size and many instances have silenced or blocked it for that reason

* Uninstall the "official" Mastodon app and use pretty much anything else, it was *designed* to homogenize your experience on the Fediverse, which makes it harder for local communities

.i forgot comic sans on ipad renders as some fancy ass cursive looking font

toot on ipad rly said "no trollian for you on this device young man"

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My ass cannot use my trollian accnt on ipad for some reasons :stressed2:

I honestly have no clue how to recover from being told Nice Things. Not used to that feeling i guess, its silly but hey

*gestures hand vaguely*

I was in the “VR World” yesterday.

Someone told me I had a calming voice, someone else said I had a cute face

I honestly haven’t recovered since then, its almost been 24 hours

Its incredibly -phobic that i have to be in college today. On my break week.

Ive been playing Pokémon Legends Arceus

This is gaming. I,think

Its almost one AM tho so excuse me while iiiii *falls flat on the floor and hibernates until 10 am*

no you are mr driller friend of world famous charlie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I exist here i’m just really busy doing Things to write sometimes ahhhhh

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Hi its me Mr Driller from world famous game… uh… u-uh

*frantically checks notes*
N*mco High

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