"moral dilemmas are meant to get you thinking!!!!" heres the thing: I don't want to

ppl will see that babies float in liquid for 9 months and think "Well It Must Mean They Can Swim"

Wait you’re so right …

Dragons good so name hoarding good too woah

I already have 30 names I hoarded I don’t need anymore bro orz

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Going on VRChat in a Kris Deltarune avatar and feeling euphoric at being referred to as Kris …. So embarassing </3

restarted my laptop and hes feeling a bit better :+)

i click a picture and it starts coughing like a 60 yrs old guy that started smoking at age 14

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this laptop is so bad it cant select pictures without freaking out

*looking at my cats * ...i have never seen 2 pretty best friends........... its always 1 of them that gotta b ugy....

awful politics 

⭐ < enlightened centrist 😇 ⭐

listening to AJR while waiting for my laptop to open. I hope you all had a nice day.

I’m the one charged of handling a client project (doing an actual full on website for an actual client) and im.doing my best :-)

It hasnt even fully started yet thats abt as well as it is going. I’m just stressing myself out over little things, it hasnt even started. So far we’re doing fine i’m just always worried www

Anyways i got spotify premium,

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