I honestly have no clue how to recover from being told Nice Things. Not used to that feeling i guess, its silly but hey

*gestures hand vaguely*

I was in the “VR World” yesterday.

Someone told me I had a calming voice, someone else said I had a cute face

I honestly haven’t recovered since then, its almost been 24 hours

Its incredibly -phobic that i have to be in college today. On my break week.

Ive been playing Pokémon Legends Arceus

This is gaming. I,think

Its almost one AM tho so excuse me while iiiii *falls flat on the floor and hibernates until 10 am*

no you are mr driller friend of world famous charlie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I exist here i’m just really busy doing Things to write sometimes ahhhhh

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Hi its me Mr Driller from world famous game… uh… u-uh

*frantically checks notes*
N*mco High

covid ment. (i dont have covid dw) 

My brother brought home some sickness and i caught it and i feel somewhat lightheaded at anytime, i feel Iffy and I think i lost a few IQ points since before i caught it

Not covid tho he got tested and my symptoms arent of covid

"moral dilemmas are meant to get you thinking!!!!" heres the thing: I don't want to

ppl will see that babies float in liquid for 9 months and think "Well It Must Mean They Can Swim"

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