Anyways i learnt that there was AIBOWARE made for the Aibo ERS 311 and 312 that was made by NAMCO and I haven’t known peace since

The artwork for it uses the Mr. Driller artstyle too. I need a dog with this memory stick in my life

Dog image (looks nice, CW’d just in case) 

Also um heres my funny doggy!!!!

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Yeah 2 ppl beat his run 😔 hes still in 3rd tho so its ok to me

had i filmed this run it would've been 2nd place on (that is if they wouldve allowed it to be on the leaderboard ww)

i have my splits set up... once PLVSPW installs, i'll start some runs

Also here’s my Primarina Pokecen plush. My beloved, my collector’s grail. So hard to get for a decent price ahh (and even just have it sent to canada)

She stays on there because im afraid to break her and her arms (theyre also kinda squeaky so when shes on my bed and i move i hear her squeak)

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