Guess who has detention for the next five days.

*busts down ur door with a battering ram* FANTASY COSTCO WHERE ALL YA DREAMS COME TRUE GOT A DEAL FOR U

I have two but one looks like a mouse. They're names are Problem Sleuth and Pickle Inspector.

So. Natural honey that hasn't been processed tastes fucking great.

It's just that I don't know who all will see them and since I've had other posts wind up on NSFW instances I'd rather not have my body wind up there.

Okay I'm going to go ahead and delete the first one-But for future reference yeah please don't...rebubble my pictures.

Another selfie 

Like once you answer they just start laughing about you to their friends. Anyway this fucked me up when I was younger and still have trust issues.

You know what's really bad? When people ask you questions, acting like they are curious but they are just making fun of you for your answers :^)

Ooookkaaaayyy onto the part about donating a body to science, this should be...swell. Hopefully this makes me almost done.

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