Ahem psspsspss. Might I be so kind to redirect you to my new acc on here which will hopefully become my main? I'll still use this one DW but this one will be going under construction to become in character.


Like ik that it obviously makes sense that a human has enough bones to make a whole skeleton but. Thinking about it too much just makes it seem fucking weird.

I don't think ppl realize how excited I am to get in cosplay on live with my friend today but like,,,I genuinely cannot think about anything else rn.

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In other news I'm always concerned when my friend starts a sentence with "Bloom I never passed biology but-" because whatever follows is usually he did something and now his body is acting funky and 9/10 it should not be happening.

Friend wants to cosplay as Leopold Expeditus so now I wanna cosplay as a humanized Taki Bum Bum :)) Dire Wolf,,

How come I can go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up more tired this isn't fair.

See I'm in the mood where I wanna talk about all my OCs but I'm afraid nobody cares/wants to listen to me ramble.

Destruction is a form of creation so you're really just adding flavor to it!!

Oh!! Also this 4/13 please remember that Roxy Lalonde is such a badass bitch who really made a turn around in the comic and I love her.

Also if I could stop making cosplay plans that ik I'll probably never get around to that would be wonderful.

Just sent in an application to make a personal account so I can keep this account separate and hopefully revamp it completely for in character related things.

I can't wait to get home so I can get into cosplay with my friend and we can make cute rosemary stuff today for 4/13,,,

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