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Ms. Paint headcanons

♡ She wears ballet slippers as regular shoes.
♡ She curls up into a ball like a rolly polly when she's scared.
♡ She is actually very good with plants and has a garden.
♡ She's secretly a witch!!! :D
♡ She doesn't care if she gets paint on her during work, in fact she just wiped it on herself.
♡ Her favorite desert is anything strawberry related.
♡ She's a vegetarian.
♡ She has a pet mouse, his name is Gizmo. He collects random springs and gears.
♡ She can purr but it sounds like happy insect clicking that comes from her throat.
♡ Her first time trying to use makeup was her trying to put crayon and paint on her face.

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If 👏 you 👏 don't 👏 love 👏 chess 👏 people 👏 we 👏 can't 👏 be 👏 friends 👏

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Currently in investigation mode. Feeling like fucking Terezi up in here.

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Oh yeah and just in case anyone forgot, Black Lives Matter.

I can't just force my body to do something it doesn't wanna do.

It is 12:37 pm for me and I still have yet to sleep. Love that for me.

After doing some serious research, digging, and what not, turns out that dude from twitter can go to jail.

How can they claim to be anti all this shit irl but excuse graphic fictional depictions of it???

Oh yeah and also calling them gross got me cancelled. So I'm officially holding an afterparty for my cancellation.

STILL about the incest guy, please if you use twitter beward 

Also about the gross incest dude 

Somehow, now maybe I'm wrong here, I don't think that being LGBTQ+ has anything to do with what I called out for.

Fucking gross, incest ment, p*do ment, I hate it here 

The kit I got for kandi bracelets had a bunch of beads that were either fused together or just deformed to where I couldn't use them. Plus the colors were limited. Wish I had better ones so I could make a Walter Robotics kandi cuff :(

Ms. Paint: *making a kandi bracelet for slick that says "dumbass" with a little heart on it.*

Thinking about how...only 5% of arsons ever usually get convicted and how I would love to commit arson to a bitch's house :)

The reason why we had cops patrolling our school for two weeks was because this kid made a threat, wrote a hit list, left bullets in the bathroom and did wind up showing up with a firearm. He got detained. Then the very next year in 10th grade was let back in and I actually sat next to him in first block. Yeah we're all still scared of that kid.

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