Can I like...vent to someone? I'm having a break down and I can't take it.

This teacher won't take late work, at all, what so ever, no matter the reason. This is unfair.

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Jingle bells, homophobes smell, biphobes are just as bad. Transphobes and nazis can suck my dick, like why are ya'll so mad?

Ya'll not too long ago I made an account on this horse game that I used to play in like 4th and 5th grade and I was updating my presentation. I went to save the presentation and it fuckin??? "Lesbian is a blacklisted word" Ok boomer.

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Last night she jumped on my lap, got comfy, purred a bit, then all of a sudden got pissed and gave me this look.

Ya'll i'm about 5 seconds away from opening gf applications.

We're going up to my grandparents house for Christmas and I'm excited bc...I love my grandparents so much they're so wholesome.

Science, organs 

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today is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

happy anti-slavery day

I just got...called rude for refusing to roleplay ships with someone who was 13. Like idc that I only do fluff I'm uncomfy.

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