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Ms. Paint headcanons

♡ She wears ballet slippers as regular shoes.
♡ She curls up into a ball like a rolly polly when she's scared.
♡ She is actually very good with plants and has a garden.
♡ She's secretly a witch!!! :D
♡ She doesn't care if she gets paint on her during work, in fact she just wiped it on herself.
♡ Her favorite desert is anything strawberry related.
♡ She's a vegetarian.
♡ She has a pet mouse, his name is Gizmo. He collects random springs and gears.
♡ She can purr but it sounds like happy insect clicking that comes from her throat.
♡ Her first time trying to use makeup was her trying to put crayon and paint on her face.

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If 👏 you 👏 don't 👏 love 👏 chess 👏 people 👏 we 👏 can't 👏 be 👏 friends 👏

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I wanna make a Kiki's delivery service au for Paint because I wanna rp

The weather is finally colder outside and I'm feeling really happy about it. i have my windows open in my room so it's currently cooled down and I! :D

Honestly I'm not sure how to describe it but I feel really good about today! :D

Well she hasn't taken the WiFi yet. Good morning everyone! ^w^

Welp i'm not having internet until thursday, thanks mother

Me getting thrown into the circle of a rave only knowing the animal jam wolf dance

Ugh I hate sitting in bleachers. Back pain is coming back.

So my friend knows hatchworth from spg and like...he said he would introduce and I'm already fangirling

Anyway ya'll better drink the proper amount of water and eat something today.

Last exam today and then I can skip tomorrow, whoo!

Okay I had to change my password but whole fucking friends list is gone on desktop but not mobile

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