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My organs are all having a party that I somehow feel like I wasn't invited to.

"Are you okay?" No lol but neither you or me is ready for that convo, bestie.

I will not cosplay as widget from wow wow wubzy I will not cosplay as widget from wow wow wubzy I will not cosplay as widget from wow wow wubzy

Hi I have not slept yet and cannot wait until 3rd block so I can have coffee and maybe get a tiny bit of energy from that.

Cosplay: Rose Lalonde 

TT: I suggest you serve these crisp bunches of honey and verbal annihilation to him as part of a complete breakfast.

Friend and I are gonna be making RoseMary content for 4/13...

TW: ED mention, I am not okay pls be patient 

I feel like people reaching out to make sure I'm okay are upset if I don't respond and like I'm not ignoring ya'll or anything I'm just having a huge fucking ED relapse. April marks the one year anniversary since I had developed my ED and ever since the 1st I have not been eating and I can't bring myself to eat and I'm scared for my well being as well as tired as fuck.

Period ment 

Am I the only one that along with horrible cramps that pain meds can't help, gets really bad headaches with my period too or is that something a lot of people have?

No this is a different one who doesn't understand what being left on read means.

I am uncomfortable with the energy they created in the studio today.

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Well I could possibly get supplies for maybe nepeta?

If I had the ability I would cosplay a homestuck for Homestuck day.

Guys this is my 413th post haha funny homestuck number.

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