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⭐ < If ny'all ever wanna talk somewhere else, just let me know !! I have uh. ⭐
⭐ - Discord (Preferred) ⭐
⭐ - Matrix ⭐
⭐ - Telegram ⭐
⭐ ⭐
⭐ And þen some oþer ones such as Instagram and whatnot þat I. Dislike. ⭐
⭐ Feel free to send a DM or someþing if you wanna contact me þere :3 ⭐

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⭐ < reminder @ anyone to feel free to at least like request þe presence of any of my headmates. I like having þem around but really þey don't show up much unless yknow. Provoked by outside sources. So like genuinely mention someone if you wanna talk to þem!! Hopefully þey actually show up lol ⭐

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Plurality, politics, the best post ever 

⭐ < communısts 🤝 plurɑl people ⭐
⭐ Our tooþbrush ⭐

It is ALWAYS ok to do cyber attacks on fedi scraper servers

It is IMPERATIVE that you publicly shame the creators


is uranium glazed???
That must be tens of kg of uranium!

Hot damn I almost didn't want to leave

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⭐ < boowomp cant get a refund for þe second flight :( ⭐

Okay are we posting selfies 

⭐ < I will add me ⭐

Dr. Mae Jemison, MD, the first black woman in space and first actual astronaut to appear on a Star Trek show, one of the very few people on this planet of whom two pictures can be posted depicting them doing their job on a spaceship with entirely different contexts.
#StarTrek #BlackHistoryMonth

literally Do Not make fun of the chipped nail polish that's LITERALLY my bisexual culture you're talking about

⭐ < me showing a cannonball to my very fast dog and saying fetch as I shoot it away ⭐

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