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⭐ (Pinning þis) ⭐
⭐ < if any of ny'all ever want my discord just ask. I'll give it to pretty much anyone þats not like super creepy lol ⭐

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⭐ < I should make a note on my profile þat me someþing basically just means "I read þis" and noþing more ⭐
⭐ "I read þis and my brain comprehended it" ⭐
⭐ Actually I'm just gonna pin þis lol ⭐

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⭐ < reminder @ anyone to feel free to at least like request þe presence of any of my headmates. I like having þem around but really þey don't show up much unless yknow. Provoked by outside sources. So like genuinely mention someone if you wanna talk to þem!! Hopefully þey actually show up lol ⭐

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Plurality, politics, the best post ever 

⭐ < communısts 🤝 plurɑl people ⭐
⭐ Our tooþbrush ⭐

probably just like, being a little shit of a teenager who got joy out of annoying people on the internet. nowadays I'm completely reformed. I never make anybody mad online while belonging to a fringe ideology

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I don't ever really realize just how old I am until I realize that Roblox is THE game kids are playing these days

communists: "actually I think it's fine to shoot landlords"
anarchists: "are minecraft admins an unjust hierarchical social structure? vote in my straw poll please"

⭐ < þey just have þat tendency. Even if perhaps companies aren't very...... original, usually ⭐

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⭐ < ngl I þink desert level soundtracks in games tend to be hella good ⭐

People there are still in the 90's more or less. When slurs were considered as punch lines and such.

⭐ < just saw some screenshots from 4chan and þe amount of slurs þese people say is astounding ⭐
⭐ Not une><pected, I just dont fuckin get it ⭐


⭐ < okay I forgot to take þe meds þat make me sleepy þis night ⭐
⭐ Which is bad because þey're also antidepressants ⭐
⭐ But who cares lol ⭐

⭐ < "is þis video a good recommendation for you" I haVENT FUCKING WATCHED IT? DIE YOUTUBE DIE ⭐

Don't forget to take your meds and have some traumas


⭐ < also anyone gonna talk about how þe keys are alive and try to flee when you pick þem up? are þey? scared? are þey scared of being put in a lock, which seems to destroy, e.g. kill þem? what þe fuck ⭐

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