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:3< Hi I'm Nova I like
:3< -gay
:3< -particle physics
:3< -astronomy
:3< -gay
:3< -forest
:3< -ranting about how much I like someone
:3< -media κ₯'s so bad it's good
:3< -gay
:3< -ΓΎe letter ΓΎorn
:3< -cats

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:3< If anyone wants to talk to me on discord, my name on ΓΎere is [TheParadox#6318]
:3< ΓΎe. brackets are just so i can write it wiΓΎout ΓΎorn
:3< so like. go ham & spam my DMs or someΓΎing



✡彑 t(O)o bad I didn't actually bec(O)me a bi(O)engineer. then I w(O)uld have been able t(O) trace my entire life path t(O) h(O)mestuck. ✡彑

Tired: Tony Stark is shitty because he's rich and a Capitalist
Wired: Tony Stark is shitty because he's a Fascist.

✡彑 fun fact: the xen(O)bi(O)l(O)gistf(O)rhire p(O)sts (O)n tr(O)ll bi(O)l(O)gy are h(O)w I (O)riginally became interested in bi(O)l(O)gy. ✡彑

✡彑 m(O)lecular bi(O)l(O)gy is, as the kids say these days, the shit. ✡彑

✡彑 there are invertebrates that use hem(O)cyanin. like h(O)rsesh(O)e crabs, I think? ✡彑

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