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⭐ < If ny'all ever wanna talk somewhere else, just let me know !! I have uh. ⭐
⭐ - Discord (Preferred) ⭐
⭐ - Matrix ⭐
⭐ - Telegram ⭐
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⭐ And þen some oþer ones such as Instagram and whatnot þat I. Dislike. ⭐
⭐ Feel free to send a DM or someþing if you wanna contact me þere :3 ⭐

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⭐ < reminder @ anyone to feel free to at least like request þe presence of any of my headmates. I like having þem around but really þey don't show up much unless yknow. Provoked by outside sources. So like genuinely mention someone if you wanna talk to þem!! Hopefully þey actually show up lol ⭐

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Plurality, politics, the best post ever 

⭐ < communısts 🤝 plurɑl people ⭐
⭐ Our tooþbrush ⭐

Reminder that RiseUp4AbortionRights is a front for RevCom. Wishing lame ass tankies would stop co-opting movements.

hmm yes.. automatic gender control.. fast femboy transform.. numerically controlled oestrogen... isnt digital signal processing great

⭐ < "man þis toilet sucks I'm heading to þe gas station to dispose of it" ⭐

⭐ < i þink at like 1 am or someþing i was like "okay im gonna learn some more unity today" like go þru at least one video and now here we are, 3 am, no unity learnt ⭐

did i actually read "are cis gay men queer? as in 'outside of cisheteronormativity'?" like you need to go talk to real people or perhaps read a book

⭐ < im going to kill rich people (in among us) ⭐

Funny how First Nations reservations in #Canada and the #unitedsates account for about 1% of the countries' land area, yet they can't seem to be able to avoid building stuff through them that nobody wants to deal with

And the rich white settlements, which there are WAY more of, never seem to get hit with a #pipeline through their backward, or the forest bordering their house getting cut down and turned into an open pit mine.

But suuure. It's the #indigenous people being unreasonable.

destroy capitalism
smash the state
dismantle tall burgers

re: cryptocurrency, opinions™  

@maia Sometimes I think about how one of the bitcoin power use indexes, the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index is put out by a think tank funded by, among other things, Visa, which is probably why you sometimes see comparisons of how much energy a single Visa transaction uses, compared to bitcoin

which also makes me think how it's in Visa's best interest to make people think that cryptocurrency is bad just because it's a bad implementation of a concept that uses a lot of power, and not because it represents what happens when you distill capitalism to its core, and that the the unbounded consumption resources is what happens when you have capitalism

cryptocurrency, opinions™  

the thing i hate about most anti crypto maxis is that almost all of them are fucking liberals who have absolutely no issue with all of the problems they point out in crypto also existing within our existing financial system. this actually is a "you either fight both or please shut up" issue, cause in our current world being able to anonymously transfer money and pay for shit (monero, zcash) is actually important, the only time this stops being important is once we get rid of all capitalism.

im not pro crypto, im just very much anti-actually-handing-all-power-to-banks-and-governments and there are some things that at this point are not possible without some form of anonymous currency, which ideally wouldnt be crypto, but thats all we have for now. all the speculative shit can fuck off, we ideally make all of it less bad for the environment, ideally we make it something else entirely, but please don't take the only anonymous way (beyond cash) to pay activists, send money to nations with restricted bankings and buy drugs away.

yes, buying drugs is an explicitly good use of crypto (right now), online drug markets are significant harm reduction compared to street market only, and fundamentally depend on anonymous means of payments.
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