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:3< Hi I'm Nova I like
:3< -gay
:3< -particle physics
:3< -astronomy
:3< -gay
:3< -forest
:3< -ranting about how much I like someone
:3< -media ꝥ's so bad it's good
:3< -gay
:3< -þe letter þorn
:3< -cats

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:3< If anyone wants to talk to me on discord, my name on þere is [TheParadox#6318]
:3< þe. brackets are just so i can write it wiþout þorn
:3< so like. go ham & spam my DMs or someþing


@Paradox nova voice I Legally have to go to school heres this law and this law that says i have to or else and this is why its nervewracking to skip school
nova voice 8ut Also im not limited to the law

⭐ :3< Fuck school I ȷust don't go to school duh ⭐

⭐ :3< It's 6 am you þınk I've slept yet ? ⭐

⭐ :3< enlıstıng ın þe mılıtary ıs great ıt has many pros ȷust ıgnore þe massıve lıst of huge cons & ull be good ⭐

@Paradox Pffft Ik, I’m Danish, just using it for an aesthetic reason. That’s like saying reminder “8” is pronounced 8

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