⭐ < þis post has over a hundred boosts what þe fuck ⭐

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Superficial remark 

@Paradox why did you crop the image to include the poster and then blackout the poster's name and avatar

Superficial remark 

@codl < i stole it from reddit but if i had to guess its so people would know its a facebook post but not who its from ⭐

re: Superficial remark 

@Paradox @codl why would you want people to know you use facebook

@Paradox you haven't been to NYC, have you?

They've been doing that for years. This is old news. When the moratoriums expire, it will get much worse.

@maemachinebroke < instance differences ⭐
⭐ I believe my number is þe most accurate since, well, I posted it ⭐
⭐ Like, federation differences? Idk þe fediverse is weird ⭐

@Paradox i wonder if eldritch. cafe isn't federated with as many instances or something

@maemachinebroke < perhaps! Idk as I said. Þe fediverse is weird and I'm not really sure how it works ⭐

@Paradox yeah i would think from a programming perspective it would just send the number of boosts with the message and have a separate request for finding who boosted it

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