⭐ < If ny'all ever wanna talk somewhere else, just let me know !! I have uh. ⭐
⭐ - Discord (Preferred) ⭐
⭐ - Matrix ⭐
⭐ - Telegram ⭐
⭐ ⭐
⭐ And þen some oþer ones such as Instagram and whatnot þat I. Dislike. ⭐
⭐ Feel free to send a DM or someþing if you wanna contact me þere :3 ⭐

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⭐ < þis is still true ⭐
⭐ im bad at asking people about þis stuff but if we have talked like more þan once i probably want to talk more lol ⭐

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@Paradox I noticed u the "þ" symbol as "th". is this some special local use? I looked it up on wikipedia and found it is used only in Iceland nowadays. I wonder if u have anything to do with Iceland? 🤔

@afrangry < no I just do it because I like it and I set up trollians autoquirk to do it for me. It's mostly just from its usage in old English bc I like þe letter ⭐

@MercurialBlack < nah trollian has a regex þing it just automatically replaces [th] for me since i set it up þat way ⭐

@meduelelateta @Paradox ah I just use standard North American qwerty, don't know those combos.
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