⭐ < hello lgbtq+ people on þe Internet. You can only choose one ⭐

⭐ < me: you can only choose one ⭐
⭐ people: okay but what if i could chose boþ,. What if I could shapeshift into someþing þat can teleport ⭐

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@Paradox i can simply shapeshift wings and fly wherever i please

@chemelia < þats true. Would have to be large wings also you'd need a lot of stamina stamina fly þat far ⭐

N> @Paradox this was a hard choice but shapeshifting i think better
N> teleportation if infinite range maybe but id need like saftey suits so idk probably still shapeshifting

@Paradox you see, i can teleport into a bank, steal all the money, teleport out, and then be so rich i can do with whatever i want with my body

@Paradox what did you expect lol, asking a bunch of trans ppl whether they want shapeshifting is like asking a person dying in the desert if they want water

@alexispurslane < yeah but a lot of ppl on here also have friends across half þe world so teleportation would be nice ⭐

@Paradox teleportation. im already sexy i just want to kiss my girlfriends
@Paradox what am i gonna shapeshift to do. put on 10kg?? boring

@charlotte @Paradox nonono but wait, remember: you can teleport anywhere on earth. i will repeat my suggestion of teleporting into a bank and stealing so much money that you can pay for open source crispr bunny ears

@maemachinebroke @charlotte < also its sort of a loophole also you'd probably go to jail ⭐

@Paradox @charlotte yeah but also think of it this way: you can teleport anywhere. you would be the perfect assassin. you could topple capitalism in an hour

@Paradox @charlotte even if you shapeshifted into like dr manhattan or something they could still like nuke you into oblivion or just go in a bunker

@maemachinebroke @charlotte < þats true alþough killing a bunch of people in an hour would probably just lead to like power vacuums and instability and shit. I þink you have to go slower. Its systematic not þe fault of a few people ⭐

@Paradox Is partial teleportation an answer? Like, can I open a portal and stick my head through?

If so: every morning I could teleport my upper body so my head is just in front of my waist. I could put on my pants without bending over

I could also reach high shelves without getting a ladder.

I'd never get locked out.

Wanna shapeshift? Just teleport into a vault, steal some shit, and use it to pay for world-class reconstructive surgery.

@Seirdy < you can only choose one so no loopholes lol ⭐
⭐ And well. Yeah you could steal þings and if you somehow manage to sell it wiþout. Getting þe attention of auþorities. You could get surgery sure ⭐

teleportation versus shapeshifting, body horror 

@Paradox if teleportation means instantly changing my position, sans portals: I would not want to experience nuclear fusion with the air molecules at my destination. Pass.

If teleportation means swapping places with displaced atoms: I could use teleportation to dig a hole through near indestructible substances.

If there's a density threshold for substance swapping: I could use my teleportation ability to pump air.

Does teleportation require energy? If so, how much and from where? If the energy req is low I could use it to be in two places at once, oscillating between two locations.

Oh, and do my clothes come with me? How about other objects? I could sync clocks around the world, and measure one-directional latency.

If objects I touch (like clothes) can teleport: does mass matter or does energy required depend on mass? Could I teleport my clothes without teleporting the ground beneath me?

Does distance matter? I could seriously disrupt the space industry. On the other hand: objects move. Do I have to know the exact displacement relative to my current position? The Earth is moving and vehicles are moving, so this could be hard.

For shapeshifting: Can mass change? If so, where does it go or come from? Can lost mass be restored? Does introducing appendages require nervous system and brain modifications to receive sensory input from and control them? Given the neuroplasticity of our brains, will we feel "ghost appendages" when losing appendages? Do we feel our bodies change, or are we numbed? If we are temporarily numbed recommended to lie down during the process and "test" that it worked correctly? How much anatomy, neurology, and biophysics do I need to study to ensure I don't mess up? Basically, how traumatic/inconvenient is the shapeshifting process?

Re: teleportation versus shapeshifting, body horror 

@Seirdy < its magic ⭐

Re: teleportation versus shapeshifting, body horror 

@Paradox Wait, so from what I described, what can't magic teleportation accomplish? drilling, omnipresence, interstellar travel, and interstellar travel could change everything.

Re: teleportation versus shapeshifting, body horror 

@Seirdy < honestly þat's up to you to decide ⭐
⭐ I'd recommend, when deciding between þe two, to keep þem at a similar kinda "power level" but it's your choice what þey actually imply. I'm more asking about þe general ideas ⭐

@Seirdy @Paradox hmm another parameter is whether teleportation applies to yourself or other objects as well
@Paradox im going to teleport to steal a cryptobro's paper wallet and take their bitcoins. then i will pay for cosmetic surgeries

+ u cant undo btc transactions
+ im just reading some words off a piece of paper and then going home. im not taking anything with me
+ i can just wear bunny ears
+ teleport 2 girlfriedn
@Paradox *Teleports behind world leaders with a knife and a disguise*

@Paradox what if im already a shapeshifter can i choose teleportation and have both or would it override my shapeshifting so i have to choose shapeshifting and i, essentially, get nothing?

@araneaserket < if you somehow can already shapeshift þen you can get boþ ⭐

@Paradox it's probably easier going to divide them actually

@Paradox I could shapeshift into something which could teleport

1) shapeshift into a dragon
2) holy shit this rules
3) shapeshift into a dragon that can fly very fast
4) weeeeeeee

@Paradox teleporation would just let me skip my commute, resulting in more work

shapeshifting has no obvious work application and is thus safe to choose

@Paradox shapeshifting is neat and all but personally, teleporting is just so fucking cool.

@Paradox as a genderfluid, that's a no-brainer 😄

@Paradox yes I have dysphoria but also I fucking hate traveling to get places 😂

pregnancy and other biological things 

@orange_orangutan @Paradox I'm wheezing at "penis unicorn"

@Paradox Shapeshifting, duh. I get to look pretty and do bad things to politicians without repercussions

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