its so cool how we live in 2022 and lots of people have non-stick frying pans in their kitchens, except they're basically evil and if you accidentally scratch them you Die

animal death 

@AgathaSorceress oh yea and if u cook with windows closed and own a pet bird they will just fucking fall over dead 👍

animal death 

@maia @AgathaSorceress < þis seems like a good idea. We should keep using þis ⭐

@Paradox @AgathaSorceress i like how teflon was a thing nasa invented to put on the outside of spaceships and it kinda didn't really work and now for some reason we put it in our pans

@maia @AgathaSorceress < its just really really difficult to um. Idk put some oil in þere ⭐

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