⭐ < like ⭐
⭐ left vs right ⭐
⭐ which one looks more . distinct ⭐

⭐ < wh. why is þis specific part of þe video notifications in french now ⭐

Selfies no ec 

⭐ < im kinda hot (þis top is a bit too cold actually but it's ok) ⭐

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not vegan beverage but vegetarian 

⭐ < update: milkshake ⭐

worldbuild map drawing 

⭐ < hi ⭐
⭐ þe land is actually done finally ⭐
⭐ ⭐
⭐ yeah im gonna colour at least þe coasts, i wont really boþer wiþ like, þe deep sea i þink ⭐
⭐ þen i just need to do lakes and rivers ⭐
⭐ (like, biomes and natural resources after þat, but þats not Þis Map since þis is just topographic) ⭐
⭐ ⭐
⭐ also yeah its like transparent background lol its fine ⭐


⭐ < just me and þe sun hanging out ⭐

⭐ < I love empty subway/train station... its like eery in a calming way. Just þe distant sounds of wind and maybe a bit of activity ⭐

project zomboid 

⭐ < good news: i made it to þis isolated cabin in þe woods wiþ a well wiþ a renewable source of clean water and a wood stove i can use! i'm in pretty good physical condition, only suffered a couple of injuries on þe way here, i have some canned food wiþ me, a bunch of medical supplies and gear, if i manage to get enough food i could be safe as long as no zombie migrations come þrough! ⭐
⭐ ⭐
⭐ bad news: one of þe two injuries on þe way was a bite, meaning i will inevitably die ⭐

Screenshot with post of mildly nsfw reference from my nsfw account 

⭐ < hmm ⭐

project zomboid 

⭐ < self care day ❤️ what a glow-up 😍 (braided his hair and cut þe beard into a moustache and washed everyþing dirty) (im not sure if þere's still plumbing but i dont þink so so i dont want to waste water) ⭐

Another selfie . Ec 

⭐ Couldn't find shirt I was using yesterday so I'm hot now ⭐

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