"Older employees are retiring because their workplaces are too ‘woke’, according to new research."

Translation: boomers don't want to give basic dignity to female or minority coworkers and resent being held accountable.

"While 22 per cent of of men told Randstad their workplace was ‘too woke’, only 13 per cent of women said the same."

Translation: The oppressor is more likely to object equality than the oppressed.

"Accomplished, experienced, senior staff are leaving the workforce at an ever younger age, taking their vast reserves of institutional knowledge and industrial knowhow with them, and retiring early. "

Translation: Bigots are taking their bigotry out of your working environment. For some reason this is a bad thing?

"We have to appreciate that real inclusivity is also about embracing those that aren’t necessarily on board with the mixed sex loos in offices, the awareness days in the kitchen, and the pronouns on email signatures."

Translation: They think equity includes tolerating the intolerent at the expense the less privileged and society should move at the pace of the slowest boomer.



@gallowsCalibrator < im pretty sure þis is exactly what þey used to do ⭐

americans b like "do i get hurgo's, drumbee's or slammy joe's for lunch"

⭐ < carefully optimizing þe code for þe pissing button in Bus Simulator 2023 ⭐

⭐ < a kilogram of steel. Or a kilogram of feaþers ⭐


⭐ (Heated up some minestrone soup from yesterday) ⭐

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⭐ < going al dentecore, absolutely mamma mia mode, just completely risonechamp ⭐

⭐ < "what do you see yourself doing in 5 years" ⭐

⭐ < (sees boiled potatoes) sorry I don't eat TEF (þermally engineered foodstuff) ⭐

⭐ < selective breeding is just genetic modification but like. Slower ⭐

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