Baby dragons, while cute, will accidentally set things on fire more often than you'd think. But I still love my little fiery Lavinia. She's a precious creature.

I'm glad the multiverse has decided to not let certain individuals and I to cross paths again. It'd be such a shame if I had to hurt Dan from Dan Vs for biting me again or something silly like that.

I miss my brother dearly, but he can continue not pranking me when we meet again.

((I just noticed there was a discord. I am a very observant person.))

Self care prevents burnout and reduces stress, that's why.

I absolutely can't wait until all of my guppies are out of school. I have a lot of plans for us.

I swear someday I will beat this. Curse my children for distracting me with Super Smash Bros.

This has become another site whose very existence I forget about. Oops.

My children are free to hyphenate their last names, or simply use mine. It doesn't matter to me.

Only in the bubbles can you meet folks from other universes, who will end up being lifelong friends.

Gender or no gender, I will always love and care for my family.

((The world could end and I wouldn't know, just like when a site has an outage and I never notice.))

My children occasionally peek over my shoulder when I'm on here and leave after a few seconds. I'm confident that they won't be making an account here soon.

Protect your schedule, including the empty time.

I didn't know it was also the day to bully poor Karkat.

My lime angel and little golden bumble bee are happy, and David and Diederik have had what is probably the first good Christmas they've had in a long time...I'm completely satisfied today. ❤️

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