I need to sleep. I'm going to head to mobile and promptly pass the hell out.

Self harm 

I keep scratching my ear and my neck because I am so irritated.

I don't know if I will ever post my art on here. Except for one. I will post it on my main account.

Weight talk 

I feel awful looking up my height and weight and reading that I am overweight. I think I am going to cry.

Food, Vent I guess 

I just want to get some ice cream and just eat it. I recently weighed myself and I am 187 now. I feel bad for being that weight...I don't want to tell my mom that I am gaining weight again cause she will make fun of me for being my weight and tell me that I'll get diabetes. Hahah. Sometimes, I really want to starve myself.

Just laying here and wanting to just become one with the bed.

Homestuck Epilogues give me a fight or flight response.

*Looks into the distance*

Dabi kinnies if you are out there, please DM me. /hj

I still have the text messages of my own mother saying she doesn't support me. It hurts to read sometimes.


>Tells them I like to be called by my chosen name
>Tells them I'm trans
>They call me 'she' and my dead name anyway and say that they don't support me

I wish I could change my email. It has my dead name as well and I hate it.

Kirran, I see you talking shit. You shut your mouth.

Name changes are always a hassle. Cause not only do you have to go to court, you have to change everything. Legit everything. And it's so tedious. You can't do it all in one place either.

I do plan on playing games tonight with a bunch of people but right now I just feel like shit.

I really want to play video games. But do I want to play alone?

I could try to make that transparent for you. Or Bro can.

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