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=8>if anyone 〰ants to reach me 〰hile im gone my discord is: mxghostly#6515
and my tumblr is mxghostly

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I keep forgetting I have social media accounts on places damn

UGH this is yr daily reminder non8inary is NOT just "8etw33n male and female" and to constrict it to Only That u are excluding a huge amount of non8inary people
this post made 8y i am TIRED of s33ing non8inary 'infographics' thats just. a spectrum from pink to 8lue pointing at the purrple. the male/female fucking 8ATHROOM SIGNS mixed somehow. etc etc u get what i mean. stop that shit

irl photos from the cat cafe!! pt.1 

About to go to the cat cafe 〰ith my dad!! I 〰ill post pictures 〰hen I get back~ ᵔᴥᵔ

There’s some guy here tormenting his friend 〰ith a comedically large amount of printed out fat yoshi pictures. He gave me one

sometimes i can construct proper sentences and speak properly and other times there might as 〰ell be a real actual bear pressing these keyboard buttons

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