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I'm really nervous to do this but basically I have little to no clothes to wear because I wound up going down a bunch of sizes. I am unable to work and my mother is not willing to help me out, claiming I do not deserve anymore clothes and that I need to just work with what I have, meanwhile she has more than two outfits that she can wear. I made a wishlist for new clothes in case anyone would be willing to help. There's also a few accessories on there like necklaces, a belt, and some gloves. The gloves are because my hands are sometimes an insecurity since they get chapped easily and people like to point it out. I also have a wishlist for makeup since makeup is kind of a therapeutic thing I do and I'm either running out/have expired products and my mom doesn't support this passion of mine either. If you want to help that'd be appreciated, but I am by no means demanding that you do so.

Tiktok really said fuck you to my account when they put my videos on the gyp of like 5 proshippers today.

Creamy: Why r u like this?

Me: I used no more tears shampoo as a child and haven't felt a single sane emotion since

*prolongued eye contact with creamy's fingernails*

CW: Food 

man do not eat grape flavored shit after u brush ur teeth it tastes like medicine.

Ppl outside of trollian seeing the things we said last night.

The inside of my head rn is just: this is major tom to ground control

Vent, shitty mutual of mine 

I'm allowed to vaguepost here bc this person won't ever see it but how am I more mature than this 30+ year old man i've been mutuals with bc he's all nice until I say one thing that can contradict him and then bam he jumps at me.

Have a mantis sitting on my laptop and I don't think he appreciates watching PonyTown bc he keeps punching the screen at ppls avatars.

Have had to practice my singing for the past two weeks and now that I'm actually improving is when my throat decides to give out.

Only thing that would come up when I searched is smthn called oral allergy syndrome but it's not dangerous so I suffer for about 20 minutes. Fruit good will not pass it up.

Apples, plums, broccoli, pears, almonds. Unless they're cooked I will itch.

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