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I'm really nervous to do this but basically I have little to no clothes to wear because I wound up going down a bunch of sizes. I am unable to work and my mother is not willing to help me out, claiming I do not deserve anymore clothes and that I need to just work with what I have, meanwhile she has more than two outfits that she can wear. I made a wishlist for new clothes in case anyone would be willing to help. There's also a few accessories on there like necklaces, a belt, and some gloves. The gloves are because my hands are sometimes an insecurity since they get chapped easily and people like to point it out. I also have a wishlist for makeup since makeup is kind of a therapeutic thing I do and I'm either running out/have expired products and my mom doesn't support this passion of mine either. If you want to help that'd be appreciated, but I am by no means demanding that you do so.

I mean I've already accepted I might not graduate but she's hounding on me and yelling at me and calling me a failure and suddenly I'm just sore. Head hurts and everything feels weighted.

This is going to sound weird but one specific part of my face that has ALWAYS been hard to cover with paint/foundating/concealer is my nose? Like idk why it just doesn't enjoy staying covered. This stuff ACTUALLY stuck to my nose.

Like usually after I clean my face with snaz, I can't even use soap to get off the excess because WHATEVER is in the oil base formula leaves my skin raw and soap burns but this??? Actually worked??? And wasn't patchy. It also didn't melt off like snaz does which was a pleasant surprise.

Shoutout to creamy tho for sending me that facepaint that I used last night bc I learned it's WAY better than snazaroo. Usually after using snazaroo my skin is all gross and feels itchy and is left with burns but this??? Almost like??? Moisturized my skin???

And the first tiktok I posted of this look. It contains the Penelope Scott Lotta True Crime audio.

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Just got out of the clown makeup and now it's time to do some editing.

Flashback to the time when we had to sing the national anthem before school right before the fucking pledge and instead I sang Dear Maria Count Me In.

I'm tired of waiting for my mom to go tf to bed I'm gonna be a clown now regardless.

"Check trollian" my mind said. Well now I regret that because I lost the game.

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