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I'm really nervous to do this but basically I have little to no clothes to wear because I wound up going down a bunch of sizes. I am unable to work and my mother is not willing to help me out, claiming I do not deserve anymore clothes and that I need to just work with what I have, meanwhile she has more than two outfits that she can wear. I made a wishlist for new clothes in case anyone would be willing to help. There's also a few accessories on there like necklaces, a belt, and some gloves. The gloves are because my hands are sometimes an insecurity since they get chapped easily and people like to point it out. I also have a wishlist for makeup since makeup is kind of a therapeutic thing I do and I'm either running out/have expired products and my mom doesn't support this passion of mine either. If you want to help that'd be appreciated, but I am by no means demanding that you do so.

Man I rlly want this face glitter...I wanna make myself really sparkly bc I deserve it.

It is just the way it is. No matter how hard they try they will never unfatten my ass.

I'm not pretty I'm hot. I'm gorgeous. I'm like so sexcee.

Aesthetic change: Dot Warner 

"Now come on, what did you want me to do? He was grossing me out! And I'm just a cute little thing! So DON'T cross me!

Adds meat back to the group and ce immediately gets cancelled for being swedish

Like it's been changed to Olly across everything. Everyone else calls me Olly. That's what I respond to. I've even made posts stating the change/referring to me as Olly. And I KNOW they've seen them.

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I have decided that my friend deadnaming me is in fact something I am rightfully upset about when it's been very clear that my name has been Olly for literal months now.

It hurts that two people I'm closest to won't call me Olly :)))

Happy new years video! Clown makeup!! 

So sleep, 2021, sleep. Tonight you are dead. Happy New Year!!!

It's still 2021 here, for the next few hours. Only 7 pm.

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