I'm really nervous to do this but basically I have little to no clothes to wear because I wound up going down a bunch of sizes. I am unable to work and my mother is not willing to help me out, claiming I do not deserve anymore clothes and that I need to just work with what I have, meanwhile she has more than two outfits that she can wear. I made a wishlist for new clothes in case anyone would be willing to help. There's also a few accessories on there like necklaces, a belt, and some gloves. The gloves are because my hands are sometimes an insecurity since they get chapped easily and people like to point it out. I also have a wishlist for makeup since makeup is kind of a therapeutic thing I do and I'm either running out/have expired products and my mom doesn't support this passion of mine either. If you want to help that'd be appreciated, but I am by no means demanding that you do so.

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@SpeedOfSoliton is it cool to boost this so my off instance friends can share?

@SpeedOfSoliton of course! once the bank account i applied for recently exists i'll definitely contribute, you deserve better than this

@seventy Thank you so much,,you definitely don't have to but thank you.

@SpeedOfSoliton i want to! i have some money i can spare and your situation is just utterly shitty

@SpeedOfSoliton ive known you for a while now, and i know you're in a shitty situation.

@seventy I'm just tired of it at this point. It used to be her dictating if I could have a phone or not, now it's her dictating if I can have fucking clothes.

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