Cosplay video: Princess Upgrade 

I really REALLY like how this video came out

Cosplay! New SPG fanbot I made tonight 

Meet Miss Plaything! A robot modeled after a porcelain doll. Will be your best friend but she's kind of bratty.

Cosplay video: The Masque (spg fanbot) 

🖤 "Oh baby ain't ya~?" 🤍

Cosplay video: SPG fanbot 

Walter Robotics presents: The Masque!

Bad person mention 

Uh. So. This is why we don't look at Facebook sometimes.

Cosplay! Princess Upgrade from Steam Powered Giraffe! 

Sweet Upgrade~

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Cosplay! Princess Upgrade from Steam Powered Giraffe! 

"Colonel Walter was shocked when he heard from the Nile. Copper African Elephants turning hostile! So he built these wonderful automaton blokes! And a very big steam powered giraffe what smokes!"

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Cosplay! Princess Upgrade from Steam Powered Giraffe! 

🔧Wind me up, turn the gears!⚙

Bug picture 

Only thing keeping me sane is this picture of a juvenile cats eye mantis looking like a stick drawing from sesame street.

Makeup tiktok I'm very happy with this I do in fact look like a goddess 

All eyes on me

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