@seventy Valid. I just associate this instance a lot with me trying to have some form of contact with the outside world during school hours. Now that I don't have to deal with that I forget to check up here.

@seventy lsfjdsljf yeah no ur good!!! I might come back but under a different username as I no longer use this one but I'm just not as into this as I used to be.

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re: Stalker mention 

@seventy I would let you but then he would know that the number he texted WAS in fact me. I told him he had the wrong number and shit and he now it's changing tomorrow. Genuinely he thought I was someone else and infodumped to said stranger. Just because your parent dies doesn't mean I'm breaking my boundary.

Stalker mention 

I can't help but think if you go out of your way to contact someone who doesn't want to hear from you when your mental health is shit you're just gonna make your situation worse. Sorry about your mom but find a healthier outlet.

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Stalker mention 

So besties my stalker went out of his way to text me today and I will be changing my number. He said bc his mom died I have to talk to him. Like I'm sorry but why are you contacting me when I have you blocked on EVERYTHING

I really am gonna need to brush my teeth but damn this is the best decision I've made. Onions are my new snack.

"Do I want to know?"

Me, with my mouth full of raw onion: Do you?

Mom came in and saw me eating an onion like an apple

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