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i am absolutely FILLED with gelatin. crack my bones to let it out

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im gonna be the change i wanna see in the world. im gonna create my own tumblr scandal

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straightphobia aint real bc any fear of the straighties is perfectly justified they are horrifying

i like never post my art here smh but also i havent been drawin that much til recently so like :ranpokes_stare2: idk if i should

me? drawing? oh, on pog?
:bob: making a(nother) hollow knight oc to destress
not sure when ill finish but general concept for now

every time i post on here i forget how goddamn long my display name is and i never want to change it

realistically speaking i know markiplier's full name and yet in my head when i think "markiplier full name" i just think "markiplier"

i forgot spells exist constantly until i reached the pantheons (and colosseum) and then i just "ah shit ah fuck alright i need these"

yeah you can use vengeful spirit or w/e the upgrade is to long distance pop jellies they home in on whatevers closest to them ya just gotta make sure its uumuu and not you thats closer

it took me longer than id like to admit to think of using spells for uumuu instead of desperately boomeranging jellyfish with my nail

i like spitting out the seeds to see how far they go thats half the fun smh sorry catholics

if you dont have seedless watermelons what do you spit and pretend to be a lil missile launcher :(

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