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If you're trans? You're valid.

If you're nonbinary? You're valid.

If you're gender fluid? You're valid.

If you're cis? You're valid.

If you're literally any gender identity that makes you comfortable in your skin and you're so fucking happy with yourself you're VALID.

But if you're a homophobe/transphobe you're invalid and I don't support you.

VVho am I kidding, I murder for fun, vvho needz a club for that? lmao

Guezz itz time to go do my firzt murder for the killer club brb

lazt I checked I kick your azz every time. I ain't the one vvith a fucked up face rn tbh

cuzz club iz only for cuzzing, killer club iz for the hardcore people vvho like to zpill blood.

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