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wish I could like AND dislike a video on youtube. or that there was like a third button that was the thumbs up and thumbs down superimposed. for when people make bad puns and you want to boo them but not actually hurt them. no I don't leave comments what kind of unhinged bastard is willing to leave a permanent mark on the internet like that

"grownups can't hate kids for being bullies and abusers to other kids" is like. such a cop out. let kids be kids is about letting them get grungy and slimey and play fortnite and make lolrandom jokes not about "oh yeah everyone abuses any advantage they have to get power over their peers at any cost when they're twelve, stopping them from doing that is treating them like adults (who are the only people who are responsible for their actions)"

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why is what everyone's getting out of this whole berdly nonsense "kids can be shitty, racist, ableist, terrible fucking people and adults dont have the right to judge them even if they're actively hurting everyone around them"
i mean i get why but still

bro . my bones are straight up not having a good time right now

I love sandwiches what a fucking smorgasborgus

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a blockchain is just a a fancy bullshit word for a really slow and inefficient redundant networked database. hope this helps

deltarune ch2 spoiler 

queen is like what would happen if I got drunk normally and didn't avoid alcohol unless I was drinking myself under the table with my gf

[person who probably has salmonella right now voice] salmonella isn't real

spoiler for the utdr stream today but yall probably already know 

so is anyone excited for dr ch2

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carmelizing onions is a malewife trait

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my 600€ Medeli electric piano that sounds very decent and where I can put bottles or glasses or whatever the fuck i want VS your $900k Steinway grand piano you can barely touch without supervision

I don't even play piano in this life and our "all Steinway campus" shit makes me want to eat a piano

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It's not even made out of glass which would at least be cool

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wtf are steinways even why would I pay extra for a piano I have to treat like it's made of fucking glass

guys I may not be cut out for computer science. I am gonna stick it out for another two miserable years tho lol

just drank some healing potion (cold water)

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@Undyne < why do billionaires exist ⭐
⭐ If þey want big numbers just play cookie clicker or someþing :/ ⭐

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