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SH: :> Since @empyreanEntropy and I were talkin about s---walkers I'm highly considering just makin a new account since my own url makes me a lil uncomfortable and nervous at this point

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SH: :> Apparently I did not give off a great first impression

SH: :> Bro goin straight for the jugular callin me a statist

SH: :> The only person here I've felt at all intimidated by is kurlie. A lil bit by wadave. But not much.

SH: :> I was mildly intimidated by snirck but obvs that didnt last long

SH: :> If I intimidate u hmu I'll show u my stuffed animals

SH: :> I dont know if my emotions are clear or not because I dont understand myself

SH: :> Fuck I'm not. A yeehaw either I live in the suburbs

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