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If shitty people could be stop by the sheer power of love and grubcakes we would have got rid of the clurch and seadwellers forever ago lmao

Agreed, unless your name iz Torzin, i hate this olive asshole

The gold population skyrocked in the last 2 days x:']

This corporate boy looks like he's about to drop the hottest mixtape of this year lmao x:]

I've been 9 sweeps for ages, death has its uses lmao x:']

Thanks Egg, i swear if i find Torzin again i'll tear his grubby face out

I haven't met anyone from Homeland here yet, i have some unfinished business with someone. x:/ :ms_broadsword:

It could have been worse, i didn't got those wings but at least i didn't become a cop like... them... x:U

I'm still not buying it, i could have got wings if i died later? I feel cheated yo. x:(

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