Look at you all, giving yourselves decency medals, LMAO wtf

@flhoofyEars Aww fuck off Jane, your discomfort is nothing compared to the way we're treated on a regular basis. Fuck you.

One of you is already way too much for us. Sorry not sorry, we've got enough casualties everyday. x:/

Why don't you give yourself a challenge and feast on your fellows? Ain't the sea not big enough for all of you anyway? x:?

I would have been surprised to see one of you getting their claws dirty lmao

You can bite on my ghostly bronze ass if you want my blood so badly lmao. :ms_middle_finger_clw: :bronze_eye: :bronze_eye:

We bronze blood are often associated with beast taming, and yet, ironically, we're also treated like livestock.

@flhoofyEars It's amazing how you manage to go from pure amazing to pure awkward when you express your feelings LMAO

You can't blame me, i didn't ask to be pushed to front. I'm a bystander. x:c

Don't poison them, how are we supposed to eat them if they're poisonous? x:c

He looks like a deflected clown… I love this idea. x:o

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