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(=OwO=)< nyaokay, so fur we go: candy apple les8ian, cotton candy 8i, and rasp8erry 8lue8erry trans. i'm trying to find a good flafur fur the mlm flag 8ut. teal isn't really a food color

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(=OwO=)< meowdy! we're finally in a purrlace to open commissions, so if anyone has some spare cash and would like to suppurrt us we'd appurrici8 it (=^^;=)
(=OwO=)< purrlease send questions/inquiries to!

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(=OwO=) < may i offur ny'all a dum8 quiz in these trying times? (=^^=)
(=OwO=) <

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(=OwO=) < concepts I n33d to draw;
(=OwO=) < equius getting pulled around 8y nepeta wearing one of those cat harness things
(=OwO=) < a cofur of Troll Cosmos
(=OwO=) < a t33nsie feferi in a coff33 cup teasing sollux
(=OwO=) < damara wearing many cool outfits
(=OwO=) < LOPAF (Land of Palms And Falls, which at least has a WIP)
(=OwO=) < LOHAH (Land Of Hearth And Hollow, which doesn't have a WIP 8ut does have many thum8nails)
(=OwO=) < meulin and latula singing WAP togefur 8eclaws that's great
(=OwO=) < a lyricstuck, idk fur what at this pawnt it was a new years resolution and i've 833n slacking
(=OwO=) < fic art fur oncewewerezom8ies ao3 i'd kill fur them the least I could do is make art fur them
(=OwO=) < in that vain art fur space_les8ians_not_in_space ao3 they said my fics helped them with characterization so meow i'll kill fur them t8h

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(=OwO=) < the genderfuck experience of "idk what I am 8ut if mew like me you're gay"

(=OwO=)< *vaguely gestures*, or as it's knyaown to the LG8Ts, gender :33

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(=OwO=)< meowrning trollian (=^^=)/
(=OwO=)< guess who finally got the internet all set up in purr appurtment o(=^▽^=)o

(=OwO=)< *AC has a fierce look of concentration on purr face, leading mew to 8elieve she is having some Furry Serious™ thoughts* *in reality she is thinking a8out how je ne sais nya is such a clear and pawvious pun, 8ut she doesn't actually knyaow how to mews that furase*
(=OwO=)< it's really furry hard to 8e a them8o catgirl ny'all

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religious joke may8e? 

(=OwO=)< feathers? designed 8y satan themself to hurt artists. that's why 8irds aren't real, they're in cahoots with the 8ourgeoisie who are in cahoots with the devil

(=OwO=)< i'm just working on a commission rn, it's furry exciting since i knyaow the 8uyer in meatspace so i get to work with actual paper and such again! ヽ(=★ω★=)ノ

(=OwO=)< insomnya, it's truly the purrst (=-_-;=)

(=OwO=)< nyanyway, i got some w8rcolors the offur day and it's 833n furry exciting to work traditionyally again! (=^^=)

meu heavy venting 

(=OwO=)< iii h8 when folk offur to let me vent to them, like it's a furry sw33t thing to do and purrt of us appurreci8s it 8ut *gestures in 8eing a hs introject who's currently cocon with anofur introject*, it f33ls so much like pale flirting.
(=OwO=)< it f33ls shitty to say "nah thanks" 8eclaws 8rain interpurr8s it as romantic and i have vvv 8ad 8oundaries when it comes to that stuff, 8ut even the idea of venting to someone else is panic worthy 8eclaws it f33ls like we'd 8e cheating on ♦🐝♦ (╥_╥)

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(=OwO=)< sl33p is furry good and furry impurrtant, 8/10 purr8a8ly one of my fafurite st8s of 8eing (=^^=)

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