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We On 24/7 "I love my best friend" Lockdown Baby.

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I have better things to be doing. Shit role model I am. Ugh.

I would probably choke someone out for a cigarette right now.

Turnz out this water tastes fucking terrible.

[Sips my bath water from a wine glass.] Trust no one unless they're a president surrounded by little numbers! [hearty laugh]

Had a proverbial break-up and am now lamenting over my only mistress in the tub.

My bath feels very soft and is a very nice shade of purple but I think if I ever get money spent on me again I'm going to spend the rest of my life swallowing wood chips.

Huge ass spider in my fucking tub while I'm ass naked. Okay. Fine. Fuck it.

Best ship dynamic is actually "Smarter-than-they-let-on cocky manic douchebag"/"Stern and responsible and likes to tease but they literally cannot say no to their partner". Prove me wrong.

I don't know Haze, but certainly not one with a phone number, they're mostly scams.

Alternatively. Where can I get a fucking smoke.

It's literally just a big ass cookie with shitty frosting.

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