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Mod Aranea?

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The 8asics
-Ara = She/He/They
-Arach = Her/Him/Their
-Arachs = Hers/His/Theirs
-Arachself = Herself/Himself/Themselves

Hello! Today I met a girl who goes 8y Val. Ara has a wonderful personality. That smile of arachs really makes me happy. I could talk to arach all day although Ara doesn't talk a8out arachself much. I wonder if arachs day has 8een wonderful. I hope so!

grapes exist 8ecause they are easy to o8tain and easy to eat

8ar soap exists 8ecause it is easy to store and keep


also I was going to make a joke "8ut now I have just 8ecome her"

theres an animal in your house 8ut its SUPPOSED to 8e there? it LIVES there with you????? you love it like a family mem8er????? it LIKES YOU TOO????

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