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Mod Aranea?

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The 8asics
-Ara = She/He/They
-Arach = Her/Him/Their
-Arachs = Hers/His/Theirs
-Arachself = Herself/Himself/Themselves

Hello! Today I met a girl who goes 8y Val. Ara has a wonderful personality. That smile of arachs really makes me happy. I could talk to arach all day although Ara doesn't talk a8out arachself much. I wonder if arachs day has 8een wonderful. I hope so!

originally thought 8ut catperson is 8etter

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Decided to take it upon myself to change the server name to something i like for a 8it

@theotherAG the only real difference is i can change the site mascot image and ara cant

I'm the "real" mod account, I just gave @theotherAG mod powers so i dont have to switch accounts for every report

A 8ottle episode is a thing in television sitcoms where the entire episode takes place on one set, usually the main set of the show.

Take FRIENDS for example, which many people consider to 8e the show that started, or at least popularized, the trend. Normally episodes of FRIENDS would take place all over the city, in different people's apartments, etc. A typical FRIENDS 8ottle episode would take place in only ONE of the group's apartments, and would 8e entirely self contained.

Other aspects of 8ottle episodes sometimes include the clip show format, where mem8ers of the main group reminisce a8out old times and the events of scenes in previous episodes are shown again and the characters make references to them or discuss the events.

8asically a 8ottle episode, 8efore the trend was popular, was created when an old script fell through or there was some pro8lem in production at some part of an episode's production. They could also 8e made if a 8udget was running low, or if there was a pro8lem with an actor's contract or some other dispute. 8ottle episodes tend to 8e cheap and easy to throw together and make.

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