anyways so in this "new" story basically the Greek gods have returned to Earth along with all the monsters and all that bullshit

and basically each God chose a human to be their "champion", basically embodying the God in the mortal realm, being their go-between, that sort of deal.

They basically become celebrities or super heroes, depending on the god that the person is the champion of.

like Zeus' champion is your stereotypical super hero guy, kind of full of himself, you know.

Athena's champion is widely sought after by governments and different groups for her wisdom.

Hephaestus' champion is a well known inventor.

but the main character of the story is just a normal girl, just trying to get by in this new, crazy world

that is, until Eris suddenly appears to her and tells her that she has been chosen as her champion

the issue? Eris is the goddess of chaos, as we all know, and she does NOT have a very good reputation with the other gods.

However, every god needs a champion, and there are things that only a champion of Chaos can do.

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