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im still laughing at

"oh so this is hell? its not too bad. GEORGE WASHINGTON?! oh. slavery."

my favorite thing is like "you keep calling me a monster so I guess it's time to actually be one"

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i think castlevania dracula was right when he decided to unleash the entirety of hell itself on humanity when the church burnt his wife at the stake for knowing what medicine does

i wanna write a villain with motivations like that and when the hero of the story hears about it theyre like oh shit really well damn okay ill help you actually

i mean can u rlly criticize someone for that when u let an entire town get destroyed bc u didnt want ur gf to be dead

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men will literally create a card game and manipulate children instead of going to therapy bc he misses his wife

men will literally create monsters and start the apocalypse instead of going to therapy

original yugioh had some good villain motivations sometimes

arc-v sounds like they were trying to do pokemon

monsters are NOT real but we trapped them in tablets ANYWAYS

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