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given how good the combat system is thats??? honestly amazing????

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so the April Fools joke was in 2019 and the game released in 2020

they literally retooled the entire combat system in a year

my favorite thing from Like A Dragon is this video of the party facing a bear (idk so dont ask) and they use this fucking... orbital laser strike??? (DONT ASK I DONT KNOW) AND THE BEAR IS BARELY DAMAGED

god im. the Yakuza: Like A Dragon turn based combat was the result of an April Fool's joke

and now it's going to be the norm for Yakuza games going forward.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is REALLY good so far

if more games did turn based combat like it, I wouldn't hate JRPGs so much

and the story is really good, too

god sometimes its hard to believe Final Fantasy 15 is 5 years old already

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⭐ < class struggle is when school is difficult ⭐

"Where is this bland, uninteresting place? Well that's Paris, you can see the Eifel Tower in the reflection of the glass"

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i think i mentioned it before but my parents got this box card game of Golf and it was partially in French and that was my reaction too

"What the fuck is this?! is this... French?! I can't fucking read French!"

The Outer Worlds may not be the best in terms of gameplay, but the characters and dialogue and plots are top notch

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