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my parents were both Flareons, my best friend was a Froslass, and I lived right where the Ice Rock I evolved from was located. I believe it was a forest but I might be off on that

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man my glaceon memories are really faded, I actually keep getting them mixed up with both a story I started writing a while back for a friend and the Eeveelution RP I did as part of my larger RP group

It doesn't help that both of those Glaceons were based partially on how I remember how I was then

Kin is not just roleplaying, but I gotta say, when you DO get to roleplay your kins, it's pretty fuckin nice.

so apparently from today until Sunday we get paid 2 dollars extra

and tomorrow is STILL time and a half bc of Holiday

Disco Elysium would be the best game of all time if it wasnt so French

the turnaround time for people loving Chris Pratt to people hating him the moment they found out he was a Christian and his church sucks ass was fucking astounding

you love to see it

nobody gave a shit about famous people stealing jobs from voice actors until Universally Hated Christian Man Chris Pratt started doing it

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