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"i draw naked ponies"

arent all animals naked

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♪ʘ♪ 4N1M3 G1RL WH9 G935 T9 C4TH9L1C 5CH99L T9 K155 G1RL5 4ND U53 TH3 P4G35 9F TH3 818L3 T9 R9LL J91NT5

also heres Eris 8ut since she cant like. 8e normal. Shes not wearing any clothes. so CW on that.

of course her face says it all. "what, you expect me to wear your shitty modern clothes?"

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hey guys i found a picrew that has 8∞8s that are noticea8le i call it the milf picrew

also heres me

i can make many various statements a8out the type of characters i kin and theyll all 8e true

nsfw song lyric joke 

"its not gay when its in a three way"

me, with two other girls: ITS NOT?!

i think i speak for all crazy people when i say


idk anything a8out that, Eris prefers to have darker skin "8ecause she's Greek"

8ut Greeks are also widely considered to 8e white (though they come in a variety of skin tones) so there's not that much disconnect

i love that Sam Neill just decided Alan Grant was no longer American

"i love you like a gay geneticist loves designer jeans" is such a deep and moving statement you would thing that shakespeare wrote it 8ut no it was 8o 8urnham

when youre craving certain feelings, even things that don't really make sense can hit pretty hard.

its not really 8ury your gays when literally every single character is gay and some of them just happen to die

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