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helluva 8oss is the other show from the creator of Haz8in Hotel

its free on youtu8e and is also the only thing with actual content in that universe

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"Sir, if you're calling me a liar you better be holding something stronger than an umbrella."
"9 Iron."
"Alright, you have a good day."

"winston churchill singlehandedly won world war 2"

alright i can get 8ehind that

"winston churchill was the greatest man who ever lived"

okay i don't know, sure

"Winston churchill invented the romper"

hey now that's just greedy

i wonder if there will ever 8e a sequel

the creator is already working on a different project though so pro8a8ly not for a while

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she finally made friends with all of her classmates 8efore graduating middle sch∞l and reunited with her 8est friend right 8efore high sch∞l

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i finished the Hitori 8occhi manga. it was really cute ;w;

shout out to anime girl teachers of that variety specifically no8ody else

shout out to anime girl sch∞l teachers that really want to make a g∞d impact on their students lives and help them succeed in their goals

definitely one of my favorite genders

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